Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 7/21/07

We still had a bunch of produce left from last week, and since I needed very few things (and wasn’t feeling too hot), I decided to send my husband out to the farmer’s market alone yesterday, with the promise that he’d take pictures. 🙂 So very little commentary this week, just some pics of what’s available at the market. No idea which vendor is which (wasn’t there), so I’ll just point out what it is and at which market it was taken.

From the Clintonville market, he saw sweet corn by the truckload (which I had him pick up, can never have too much sweet corn).


Also, the first heirloom tomatoes of the year (which I wish he would have picked up, but didn’t).


And lots of green stuff (which is labeled)


And more beautiful flowers (again, I’m at a loss)


And at the North Market, peppers and canteloupe (yay, melons!)


and candy onions


Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things next week, or will maybe hit one of the mid-week markets for once.