Jam Worth Waiting For

This story is a few months in the making. Back in January, David Lebovitz raved on his blog about this fantastic apricot jam. Not just any apricot jam, mind you – this jam was so special that it was made in super limited quantities from a tree in someone’s backyard. So rare that you have to sign up on a waiting list to be summoned to order it about a month before the harvest. So rare that once it is gone for the year, it is gone. So good that Food and Wine called it “simply the best jam we’ve ever tasted”. To say that I drooled enough at the prospect that my little sheeple ass signed up for the waiting list immediately and ordered the maximum 4 jars the second I was invited to order is an understatement.

So, here it is weeks later, and my jam finally arrived. Two of the four jars had some problems with the seals – one looked and smelled just fine, so it went straight into the fridge, the other I wasn’t too sure about, so it went in the trash (and just as a testament to the superior customer service they offer, I emailed them about it, and they immediately offered to replace both jars – I told them I just needed one replacement, and they sent it out by UPS right away).

Simply put, this jam is fan-friggin-tastic. Absolutely amazing. I’m already halfway through a jar in one sitting. So is it worth the wait? A resounding yes.


I decided to eat it on some leftover biscuits from last night’s dinner. Because they don’t use any pectin when making it, it doesn’t have much gel to it, but I think I prefer it that way – it pours easily over biscuits like liquid crack, dribbling off the sides of the biscuit and onto the plate, where greedy fingers will not let a drop go to waste (I had to smack my husbands fingers away when he tried to get what dripped down, LOL). The flavor is perfect – apricot comes shining through, with just the right sweetness.


Needless to say, I’m going to treasure the remaining jars, and sign up for next year’s harvest as soon as possible. If apricot jam is your thing, head on over to We Love Jam and get on the list yourself. You won’t be sorry.

One thought on “Jam Worth Waiting For

  1. John

    It looks and sounds great but, $16.00 for a 16 oz. bottle? Ouch. That must be some jam.

    My neighbor has a couple of large apricot trees that he lets us scavenge a bit from every year and, invariably, we make jam out of some of it. I’ve never tried making jam without using pectin, though. I’ll have to see if I can’t figure out how to do that.

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