BreadBakingDay #02: Bread With Fruit Roundup

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I was pleased as punch to be able to volunteer to host BreadBakingDay #02: Bread with Fruit, a monthly blogging event started by Zorra at 1x umrühren bitte. Since we were left to decide for ourselves what the theme would be, I went with fruit, as it seems to be very much in season right now. I’m amazed at the diversity of breads that I received, and am continually inspired by the passion and creativity of this wonderful group of bakers.

So without further aideu, click on through to see the roundup of all the wonderful breads baked for this event. If you’re too lazy to read the descriptions (kidding, kidding!) and just want to see all the pics, check out the Flickr set.



Hawaiian Rolls with Banana and Pineapple     Juice

Zorra at 1x umrühren bitte

The esteemed founder of this event, Zorra, checks in with her fabulous Hawaiian Rolls with Banana and Pineapple Juice. As a huge lover of Hawaiian bread, I’ve got to say that her batch is especially light and fluffy.




Karla at Chaosküche
Heidelberg, Germany

Karla contributes Krintstuut, a sweet white yeast bread with raisins that is a regional specialty in the area she grew up in. She said it is best served with butter only.



Banana Bread

Chef Mom at The Miller Melting Pot
United States

New blogger Chef Mom makes Banana Bread, with the special added ingredient of raisins in the mix! I’ve never had it that way, but it sounds moist and delicious! And by the looks of the ingredient list, it’s vegan as well.



Gluten-Free Banana Bread with     Blueberries

Jill at Hey That Tastes Good!
Philadelphia, PA (USA)

For those with special dietary needs, Jill creates a Gluten-Free Banana Bread with Blueberries, which is her normal banana bread recipe with blueberries added and large grain sugar on top.



Banana Bread

Sarina at

Sarina also makes a banana bread, but due to some weird physics in her kitchen, she had to improvise a bit to get the recipe to come out right. Still, it looks extremely moist and the raisins get highlighted rather than the subtle flavor of the banana.



Rolled Oat and Apple Bread

Eva at Sweet Sins
Sydney, Australia

Eva is bringing a Rolled Oat and Apple Bread to the table, using a Dan Lepard recipe. She said this sourdough bread recipe is great toasted with jam and honey or a soft cheese.



Schiacciata with Pears and Tonquin

Eva at The Golden Shrimp
Basel, Switzerland

Fresh from a half day bread baking course, Eva decided to put her new skills to use by baking a Schiacciata with Pears and Tonquin. This Tuscan flat bread made sweet with Italian pears and tonquin bean were perfect with preserves for breakfast. Check out her newly learned bread baking tips while you’re stopping by!



Fragrant Swedish Rye Bread

Rosa at Rosa’s Yummy Yums
Geneva, Switzerland

Rosa puts together a Fragrant Swedish Rye Bread, adapted from another food blogger’s recipe. While it technically doesn’t have any fruit in it, it does use orange zest, which gives it a fruity aroma.



Apple Cinnamon Roll

Lydia at My Kitchen
Sydney, Australia

Lydia bakes an Apple Cinnamon Roll, a sweet bread redolent with thinly sliced apple and cinnamon. I’m sure this would taste delicious with a cup of hot cider or some coffee.



Blueberry Bread

Tatter at The Kitchen & Garden Chronicle
United Kingdom?

Brand new blogger Tatter contributes Blueberry Bread, also the blog’s first post. Tatter says that baking this loaf marks midsummer in her kitchen, and she gets the whole family involved in the process of making this bread.



Pear, Ginger, and Vanilla Quick Bread

Jen at The Barmy Baker
Mountain View, CA (USA)

Jen bakes a mouth-watering Pear, Ginger, and Vanilla Quickbread that has me drooling so much, that I’m tempted to head to my kitchen and try this recipe as we speak. I think the chunks of pears are what did me in.



Wild Bread with Olives

Elizabeth at blog from OUR kitchen
Toronto, Canada

Did you all know that olives are a fruit? This is what Elizabeth discovered when trying to figure out what to bake. And bake she did. It’s the featured ingredient in her Wild Bread with Olives that uses wild yeast and takes several days to bake.



Cranberry Focaccia

Isis from Yambalaya

Isis takes one of her favorite fruit focaccia recipes, and jazzes it up with cranberries to come up with her recipe for Cranberry Focaccia.



Candied Lemon Loaf

Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook
New York (USA)

On a more citrusy note, Susan bakes a Candied Lemon Loaf after assessing the contents of her cupboard and spying a recipe on a can of candied lemon peel.



Cherry-Pecan Bread

Susan at Wild Yeast
Silicon Valley, CA (USA)

Susan’s hearty Whole Wheat Cherry-Pecan Bread is a favorite among her family and friends, earthy and studded with tart dried cherries and pecans. Sounds like a winner to me!



Golden Raisin and Sultana Bread

Haalo at Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once
Melbourne, Australia

Haalo, like me, believes there’s no such thing as too much fruit in a bread. In her Golden Raisin and Sultana Bread, she doubled the quantity of fruit and sprinkled pearl sugar on top for crunch.



Peach Tea Bread

Louise at Blue Cat/Gato Azul/Chat Bleu

Louise makes a Peach Tea Bread in honor of friends who got her started on the path to starting her own blog. Her lovely contribution to BBD#2 is chock full of ripe peaches.



Cranberry Nut Breakfast Rolls

Kathryn at The Fresh Loaf
Vermont (USA)

Kathryn shows her creativity by adapting an adaptation for Cranberry Nut Breakfast Rolls by adding marmalade to them. Sounds like a delicious addition!



Marble Bread

Sus at CorumBlog
Griesheim, Germany

Sus had set out to make a non-sweet Banana Cashew Coconut Bread, but uneven distribution of the banana made it into a marble bread as well. I’d say that it’s a happy accident, as evidenced by the nice flavor it turned out with.



Chunky Apple Bread

Marta at Los fogones de mi casa

Marta’s contribution to the event is a Chunky Apple Bread, full of chopped apples, raisins, and walnuts which results in a nice hearty whole grain bread. Sounds like it would be divine slathered with butter!



Hot Happy Buns

Y at Lemonpi
Sydney, Australia

Y’s take on hot cross buns, her Hot Happy Buns in all of their golden syrup glazed glory, are made with raisins, currants and fruit peel, all which lead to a satisfying sit down with a cup of tea.



Honey Orange Prune Bread

Floyd at The Fresh Loaf
Portland, OR (USA)

Floyd made a satisfying Honey Orange Prune Bread which his whole family loved. Look at that beautiful dark crust!



Rustic Apple Bread

Petra at Chili und Ciabatta
Geiersthal, Germany

Petra didn’t want to make a sweet fruit bread, so she chose this nice and crusty Rustic Apple Bread, with French cider and dried apple rings. I wish I could get that kind of crust and open crumb on my bread baking attempts. Absolutely stunning.



Cinnamon Apple Pecan Bumpy Bread

Chelsea at Bon Vivant
Colorado (USA)

It’s amazing how a recipe (and recipe books, for that matter) can be used generation after generation. This church cookbook recipe for Cinnamon Apple Pecan Bumpy Bread is one that’s popular in Chelsea’s family.



Apple Bread

Manuela at Baking History
United States

The recipe Manuela used for her Apple Bread uses apples to give a complex layering of sweet and tart flavors. She suggests that you serve it when cooled down with sharp cheese or with jam and butter.



Coarse Rye Bread with Dried Fruit

Franz at
Düsseldorf, Germany

Franz baked Coarse Rye Bread with Dried Fruit (also in German), which took a tried and true recipe and added a mixture of dried apple, plum, apricot, pear and pineapple. He suggests eating it fresh from the oven for the best flavor.



Breakfast Loaf with Sesame Seeds and Raisins

Ulrike at Küchenlatein
Northern Germany

Ulrike, the hostess of next month’s BreadBakingDay, checked in early with her Breakfast Loaf with Sesame Seed and Raisins. She describes it as “sweet, nutty, crunch and delightfully scented by toasted sesame seeds.” Sounds like a perfect combination to me!



Banana Pineapple Rum Bread

Becke at Columbus Foodie
Columbus, OH (USA)

I’m bringing up the rear with a recipe for Banana-Pineapple Rum Bread, which I honestly expected to have a more pronoucned tropical flavor. Fortunately for me, it still ended up being moist and delicious.

But wait, there’s more!! Here are three additional participants that I didn’t get the information for in time to include in the original posting of the roundup (wait again, make that four participants!):



Date and Walnut Quick Bread

Zainab at Arabic Bites
Jubail Indl City, Saudi Arabia

Zainab bakes a moist, flavorful Date and Walnut Quick Bread which is topped with sesame seeds.

Also from Zainab is the following:

Sesame Seed & Saffron Bread

Zainab’s second contribution to the event is her Sesame Seed and Saffron Bread, which she eats for breakfast or an afternoon snack with tea.

Blackberry and Apple Pizza

Hameeda at Arabic Bites
Saudi Arabia

Hameeda is blessing us with two entries to the event. The first one, Blackberry and Apple Pizza, are low-fat squares made with blackberry jam, apples, and an almond crumble.

Sweet Round Bread

Her second contribution, Sweet Round Bread, is a traditional Arabic date bread that is baked in a special tanor built in the ground and typically served on special occasions.


Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread

Sarah at What Smells So Good?
Ontario, Canada

Sarah’s contribution to BBD2 is the ever-expanding Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread, a family favorite that she suggests using for French toast, breakfast sandwiches or just toasted with butter.


Conchas with Blueberries

Mila at Blog Quesadillas

Mila makes a Mexican sweet bread called Conchas that she adds cardamom and blueberry to, rather than its usual cinnamon. She declared it a hit!

Well, that’s it – a collection of 28 31 34 different recipes from a talented pool of passionate bakers. I hope you all had as much fun participating as I did hosting. If I missed anyone else, please let me know ASAP.

Check out Ulrike’s blog on August 6th for the announcement for the theme of BreadBakingDay #03!

28 Responses to “BreadBakingDay #02: Bread With Fruit Roundup”

  1. Susan Says:

    Becke, this round-up is such a tempting collection. Thanks for all your stylish, hard work!

  2. zorra Says:

    Thank you Becke, for the great roundup and that you have found the time to host bbd #02!

  3. Jen the Bread Freak Says:

    What a stunning group of breads! There are a few I will have to bookmark to try. Lovely roundup. Thank you for hosting :D

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  5. kathryn king Says:

    Wow. This is a thoroughly enjoyable international tour. Looks like my ‘must try’ list is going to grow again. Thanks heaps.

  6. Rosa Says:

    Thanks for the great round-up, Becke!

  7. manuela Says:

    A really amazing collection of wonderful recipes. Thanks Becke for hosting and for proposing a great theme!

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  9. tatter Says:

    Thank you for the round-up!

  10. Sarah Says:

    Great roundup, but I noticed that the post I sent you for my cinnamon-raisin bread was not included. Here is the link, I apologize for not having as lovely a photo as some others!

  11. Mila Says:

    Great roundup! Cannot wait to try some of the recipes! I also noticed that my post was not included, maybe you didn’t got my email. Here comes the link:

  12. Chelsea Says:

    Gorgeous roundup! The pictures are making me hungry. I’m such a bread fan and these are all so beautiful! I’ll start baking as soon as I can decide which one to try first – what a dilemma! Thanks for hosting – you did a fabulous job!

  13. DaviMack Says:

    fabulous all around!

  14. Claudia Says:

    Great roundup! I’ll participate definitely in the next bread baking day :-)

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  16. Alanna Says:

    Very nice round-up, for sure ~ I made zucchini muffins with golden raisins but they turned out like rocks, definitely NOT blog-worthy!

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  18. Christa Says:

    Wonderful roundup! So enjoyable to see different types of breads from all around the world. I can’t decide which one to try first!

  19. Yambalaya Says:

    Great event, great round-up. In between my travels (holidays), inspired by Susan’s cherry pecan bread, made one. mmmmm. Many more breads to try out.

  20. Ulrike Says:

    Great work, thanks for hosting!

  21. Marta Says:

    Great work, folks

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