One Local Summer 2007 – Week 6

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For Week 6 of One Local Summer, yep – you guessed it. Another sweet corn recipe. But at least this time it was to complement the centerpiece of the meal, a completely local (well, except for the mayo) BLT Sandwich.


I used Vienna bread baked at the Anderson’s in Dublin, along with OMC Bacon, a beautiful two pounder heirloom tomato and leaf lettuce that I got at the farmer’s market this morning. On lightly toasted bread with some mayo, it was fantastic. The first BLT of the summer always is.

My sister-in-law and her family are visiting from Pennsylvania this week, and had picked up 2 dozen ears of corn at a roadside stand in Ohio on the way in. Needless to say, we had tons of corn left, so we made a huge batch of Corn Chowder. In addition to the leftover local corn, we used bacon from Thurn’s, Hartzler’s Dairy butter, onions, peppers, thyme, chives, and yellow potatoes from today’s farmer’s market run, homemade chicken stock (bolstered with some Kitchen Magic, which is based in Ohio), heavy cream from Smith Dairy.

For dessert, we’re having shortcake made with locally milled flour, local butter, local buttermilk, local strawberries, and whipped cream made from local cream. Unfortunately, it’s going to be made too late to make this entry. Can’t wait to dig in! With the other 2 quarts of berries we got, and the half peck of peaches, we’re making a batch of strawberry-peach jam. Great flavor combination.

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