Strawberry Buttermilk Shortcakes

Imagine my surprise when I saw strawberries from Crum’s at the Worthington Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Strawberries? From Ohio? In August? I know that there’s a fall batch that usually comes out closer to September, but this is way early. I had almost resigned myself to no more strawberries until next May/June, but for the ones I canned into jam this spring. Needless to say, I got super excited and bought 4 quarts.


So, what did I do with 4 quarts of strawberries? Well, inspired by Nicole’s Strawberry Buttermilk Shortcakes, we whipped up a batch of our own, made with nearly all local ingredients (buttermilk, cream, butter). To say it was fantastic and that the shortcake was as moist and tender as she described it is an understatement. This was easily the best shortcake I’ve ever had, no doubt also because of the top notch strawberries that were sweet and juicy as could be.

And the other two quarts? My loving husband stood over the stove for an hour or so on Saturday night making a small batch of strawberry peach jam (also using ripe, juicy freestone peaches from the Worthington Farmer’s Market) that yielded us 7 half pints of yummy goodness. I’m really looking forward to winter this year. With all of the preserving we’ve done, we won’t be chomping at the bit for strawberries that taste like strawberries in January.

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