Peach Cobbler

There as been an abundance of fresh freestone peaches at the farmer’s market the past two weeks, and what this has meant for me is finding a bunch of different ways to prepare them. My husband made this dish last week, as a tasty end to an all-local meal. I bought a bunch more peaches this weekend, before the air conditioning issued it’s death rattles, so my plans for canning this weekend have fell by the wayside because it’s just too damned hot to can anything. We bought a bunch of fans, and a portable air conditioner for the living room (which took over a quart of water out of the air in less than 12 hours), which makes it bearable for the moment. Sometime next week, we’re just replacing the whole air conditioning system – considering it will cost $500 to $600 to repair an already overburdened system (we have nearly 3,000 square feet to cool, with a system installed by the builders that’s sufficient for a 2,000 square foot house), we just decided to lay out a couple thousand more to upgrade the air conditioning altogether. To say that I wilt like a flower without air conditioning is the understatement of the year.

But I digress. I present to you the best peach cobbler recipe ever. The secret? The browned butter on the bottom gives you a nice crispy, nutty, little bit salty crust that is to die for. It’s the peach cobbler from my childhood that I’ve been dreaming of.

Peach Cobbler

Topped with some sweetened whipped local heavy cream, it’s summer compacted and presented to you on a plate. If you’ve got peaches you need to use, give this cobbler a try. You won’t be sorry, I promise.

12 thoughts on “Peach Cobbler

  1. Deborah

    Ahhh! Peach cobbler is on my list of top ten comfort foods! Thank you for directing me to the recipe for the BEST! I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Puja

    Ohhhhh, I’ve really stumbled onto a gem here! may have just led me to exactly what I’ve been searching for, for months. Columbus… Ohio… Foodie. I was beginning to think that I was the only foodie in Columbus! Not only that, you have a well-written blog! My god. We should speak sometime, compare restaurant notes. ^_^; I’m very happy right now! On that note, what Farmer’s market are you attending?

  3. Sarah

    Thank for the tip – off to our place in Michigan where the peaches are sooooo great! The recipe is in hand! I also love grilling them with a little cinnamon sugar butter and serve with a mint leaf – yummy!

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  5. katy

    that's what i'd like to know. WHERE IS THE RECIPE? i've clicked every link i can find on this page for recipes. did find a few but, no PEACH COBBLER. How disappointing to find a commentary by the chef on what sounds like such a great dish, then you don't include the recipe… or at least not where i can find it. is there a secret code or a magic word?

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  7. Pink owl

    Just too heavy and sweet for me. I think I can make this my recipe though, by using less butter, the browsing I’d it is a wonderful flavor addition! And also eliminating the brown sugar, it doesn’t need the sweet, and flavor tends to over reside the browned butter.

  8. Pinkbowl l

    Too heavy (too much fat?) and overly sweet from the additional brown sugar. I,love a summer peach cobbler, but in warm weather, it needs to be light! Love the additional step of browsing the butter, it seems like the brown sugar covers it? I will leave off the brown sugar next time

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