Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 8/25/07

Happily, I’m back in Ohio this weekend, able to hit my own local farmer’s market to fill up a mostly empty (of produce, anyway) refrigerator. We got a fairly early start this morning, waking up to already hot and muggy weather, and were at Worthington before it opened at 9, with two things in particular in mind – tomatoes for canning and strawberries. We found the strawberries (probably the last of the season) right off at Crum’s, and grabbed two quarts.


I was also able to get a whole bushel of canning tomatoes for $12, which I plan on processing later today with Paul. I’m a little confused about canning tomatoes, though – since they are fairly low-acid, they say to be safest, you should process tomato/spaghetti sauce in a pressure canner, which I do have – or I can just make a huge batch of Sunday Gravy, with whatever balance of tomatoes/veggies/meat I want, and freeze it. What would you folks do in my position?

At Wish Well Farms, we bought green peppers and some eggplant, because I have plans to make moussaka for freezing later this week. Elsewhere, for eating (rather than processing), I got a quart of assorted heirloom tomatoes for $3.


I got a great deal on sqash and poblanos at Wegman’s. $1 each for spaghetti squash, which I plan on using to make one of Paul’s favorite dishes, and also $1 each for butternut squash, which I’ll use to make Brown Sugar Squash Pie like we had last Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know it’s a little early for squash pie, but I usually start getting the cravings for fall stuff like apple cider and squash around the end of August, so we’re right on target. ;). Also at Wegman’s, I got 10 poblano peppers for $1, which will come in handy when making salsa and chili today.

Along the way at Worthington (I think), I saw this really pretty assortment of different types of eggplant. I love all the different shades of purple in this picture. By this time I had already got eggplant, otherwise I would have picked up some of the graffiti variety.


The harvest season is at it’s peak. Cabbage and other green stuff as far as the eye can see.


Also got these cute baby squashes, which will taste quite yummy sauteed as a side.


Another noteworthy thing I picked up at Worthington was fresh kidney beans, which I’ll be using in chili later on (which I had already planned on making to use up my back deck and Jersey tomatoes – thank you Rob, for the suggestion). A couple of other things here and there, and it was off to the North Market.

I had planned on stopping quickly at Clintonville, but my normal parking space (by the flower shop) is now a tow-away zone, and it said “no parking” at Auto Zone, too. My arthritic knees, back, and ankles can’t handle the walk from the now “designated” parking spaces, so we ended up skipping out on Clintonville altogether.

Got lots of stuff at the North Market. About 10 lbs. of paste tomatoes for $10, some raspberries, a pound of shiitakes for my spaghetti sauce, some Golden apples for making Apfelkuchen. The Orchard also had these seedless grapes, which I almost got but didn’t.


Inside, I got a cinnamon roll from Omega, a bubble smoothie from Bubbles, a food mill and another Kuhn Rikon knife from North Market Cookware, about 3 lbs of Italian Plums (yum! and here in Ohio!) from North Market Produce, and we tried out that new burrito place across from Firdous (double yum! Tasty tender beef!). And tried the new Sticky Toffee truffle at Pure Imagination (triple yum! but unfortunately I bought the last one). I was happy to hear that both Jeni and Anne Marie had babies since my last visit to the North Market. Congratulations, you two!

Well, off to process and put away all this stuff. I’ll let you guys know what comes of it all.

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