Outside Inspiration

Author: swampkitty05  //  Category: Food Porn, Recipes

A lot of the dishes I’ve made over the past couple of days have been inspired by posts by other food bloggers. There’s such a wide pool of cooking talent out there, and who am I to argue with the stellar results of others?

I absolutely drooled when I saw this Muffuletta post at Hedonia, and I was dying to try it on my own. I pretty much stuck with her his recipe, but used ciabatta rolls instead of ciabatta bread (which I couldn’t find anywhere not already sliced), used olive tapenade on bottom, and balsamic vinegar on top, and filled it with (from bottom up) mozzarella cheese, sweet sopressata, mortadella, provolone cheese, proscuitto, and sweet capicola. Absolutely delicious.


I bought a bunch of Italian Prune Plums the other day at North Market Produce, with the idea of making this Plum Tart from Cook.Craft.Enjoy in mind. It turned out wonderfully – the only differences I might make if I made it again is to add more plums and also maybe a bit more butter and bit less flour in the crumb mix. Also, I’d sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon directly on the plums before topping them with the crumbs.


I have lots more recipes to try, keep an eye out in the future for the fruits of my labor. :)

3 Responses to “Outside Inspiration”

  1. Dolores Says:


  2. Sean Says:

    Psst … I’m a he. Actually, we both are. :-) Glad you took the muffuletta into your own hands. A sandwich this good belongs to no man or woman — it is its own thing.

  3. Anne Says:

    Did you peel the plums? I have a lovely bunch of plums from my CSA and I want to try baking with them, but I have no idea if they require peeling.

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