Inadvertent Hiatus

You know, I just now noticed that I haven’t posted for 9 days? Sorry about that ::sheepish grin::: No excuses, other than the general “haven’t felt up to it” and the fact we’ve been doing a lot of traveling in the past month or so. So I still haven’t really settled down and let things […]

Grow Your Own #2: Cuban Feast

After being inspired by the fantastic meal I had last week at the Columbia Restaurant in Tampa, we proceeded to take recipes from here and there and ended up with one of the best-tasting home-cooked meals we’ve ever made! Just like having a restaurant in your own house, but with a lot less hassle. While […]

Event: Taste the Future 2007

Back at last from another successful round of Taste the Future, *the* foodie event of the year that provides scholarships for up and coming culinary arts students at Columbus State. I cannot put into words just how fantastic most of the food was, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Add to that fantastic weather […]

Road Trip Edition: Sweetwater, TN

The trip driving up I-75 had to be one of the longest of my life. Exit after exit of the same old fast food joints, gas stations, and hotel chains, with no way to differentiate one location to the next. Yuck. So homogeneous, so friggin sterile. So when I saw a billboard advertising “real pit […]

Road Trip Edition: Fort Myers Beach, FL

By Wednesday, I was definitely craving some real Cuban food. Not wanting to make the two hour drive to Miami, I figured the Cuban food I could get in the Fort Myers metro area would be at least as authentic as the Miami stuff, and definitely more authentic than I’m used to in Ohio. I […]