One Local Summer – Farewell to Summer Feast

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I unfortunately missed the last week of One Local Summer because I was travelling, but I didn’t want to finish out this year’s celebration of local food without having one last blowout. So armed with Saturday’s farmers market purchases, I made a farewell to summer feast that was almost 100% local.

I made a tomato-corn salad, topping sliced heirloom tomatoes that I got at the Buckeye Bounty farmer’s market with roasted sweet corn (from the North Market farmer’s market), and topped with homemade basil oil (non-local olive oil steeped with basil from my back deck).


And using the fingerling potatoes I got from Arbor Hill Organics, and the Blue Caribe potatoes I got at Buckeye Bounty, I made this Potato Salad with Vinaigrette that I found over at Serious Eats. This recipe also used parsley grown on my back deck.


What brought on this feast was my realization that this was probably the last week I’d see both sweet corn and tomatoes at the farmer’s market, and I wanted to prepare them in a way that would bring out the great taste of tomatoes, potatoes, and corn without overpowering them. In that respect, it was a huge success. The simplicity was exactly what these ingredients needed. The basil oil accented without overpowering. The vinaigrette was enough to moisten the potatoes and give it a touch of pucker, but the delicate flavor of both types of potatoes came shining through.

So what does one serve these wonderful sides with? Easy. A *beautiful* (and I mean better than I’ve had before) ribeye from OMC Farms grilled on the charcoal grill, along with brats from Speckled Hen Farms.


This feast marks the end of summer here in my household. I just realized that next Saturday’s farmers market marks the first day of fall. But even though I may post a few summer holdout posts for a while (things I’ve already made, but not blogged about – or things that will use up the last of the summer veggies), from here on out expect the tide to turn. Apples and winter squash, here I come! 🙂

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