July 2007 Roundup

A couple of months late and a dollar short, but here’s July’s roundup. I wanted to get this posted before I left for vacation, but you know what they say about good intentions. I’m working on August right now, but it may be a while. My RSS reader piled up with new entries while I […]

Road Trip Edition: Captiva Island, FL

From a food standpoint, the ride from Ohio to Florida sucked – since we traveled on a Sunday and on Labor Day, virtually every independent restaurant was closed, and chains were the only option. So no slaw dogs in West Virginia, or barbecue or Brunswick stew in North Carolina, or real Southern food in Georgia. […]

Back in Ohio

Thankfully, I’m finally back at home. Had some major issues with Internet connectivity on my trip, so I was unable to post about my experiences while I was in Florida. I got in too late last night to want to wake up early to go to the farmer’s markets this weekend, so no farmer’s market […]