Mushroom Tortelloni with Duck Confit and Truffled Marsala Sauce

Just wanted to post a quick pic of tonight’s dinner, loosely inspired by a dish at The Burgundy Room. And it’s nearly 100% local, to boot. I’m making it for this week’s Presto Pasta Night event.


I bought some duck confit from North Market Poultry & Game, and shredded it and put it in with some Marsala sauce from Pastaria Seconda, to which I added just a touch of black truffle oil to add richness. Then I tossed in a pound of cooked mushroom tortelloni (also from Pastaria Seconda). Quick. Yummy. Local.

And speaking of North Market Poultry & Game, cassoulet is back! 🙂 Served with a slice of delicious Eleni Christina bread, it’s just what the doctor ordered on a chilly day. If you’re over that way, it’s definitely worth trying.

6 thoughts on “Mushroom Tortelloni with Duck Confit and Truffled Marsala Sauce

  1. Katiez

    That does look good! I love duck confit…I must pick up a can (yes, we get it canned, in a layer of fat – it’s a real mess to work with) next time I’m at the market. Wuth Marsala sauce, yum…. I still have some marsala…

  2. Shaun

    Becke – For a semi-homemade meal, I’m glad you can sure out-posh Sandra Lee! This sounds like a meal of various flavour dimensions, every forkful one to be savored. Though it is spring in New Zealand, it is still really cold, and I wish I could have been with you and your hubby tonight eating this, preparing for the winter. Gorgeous photo, too, by the way.

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