Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (Convenience Style)

One of the drawbacks to my husband being a salaried employee is that sometimes (when something goes terribly wrong at work), my husband is forced to work late into the night, and I can’t cook anything that requires planning. If I do, it will get cold long before he gets home. So, for those nights, I keep some convenience foods around that I can whip into a nice hearty meal in less than 30 minutes.

Trader Joe’s is really good for that. They have lots of frozen items that can be used as the base for some really fantastic dishes. And best of all, their prices are great.

So I present to you last night’s meal, with most of the ingredients coming from Trader Joe’s – Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo over a Bed of Organic Spinach.


The fettuccine alfredo ($2.69, if I am remembering correctly – will check the next time I’m there to make sure) is from Trader Joe’s, in the frozen section. I got the shaved parmesan reggiano there as well ($4.99), as well as the frozen organic spinach ($1.69). The chicken? Well, the Anderson’s across the street has it on sale for $1.99/lb, so a pound of chicken breast sauteed and added to the dish to add protein was just what it needed. Super quick, and tastes just like I made it myself (isn’t that what convenience food should taste like?)


This made two VERY generous servings, you could probably even stretch it for 3 people if you’re not especially hungry or just normally have a smaller appetite.

But this has made me curious. What are your favorite convenience foods, either at Trader Joe’s or elsewhere?

3 thoughts on “Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (Convenience Style)

  1. Frannie

    That looked good. Something we like are the shrimp dinner packages from Giant Eagle. Have had the Jambalaya and the Gumbo now, very tasty, but we needed to add some rice as we felt they were skimpy. Perfect use for leftover brown rice though! Enough for 2 people at about $6.00 total

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