2 Years and 350 Posts!

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Satisfaction.com Free Comment Codes

Thanks to all of you, giving me a reason to keep blogging, this blog has made it through 2 years and 350 posts!

To celebrate, I’m giving away a $50 Penzey’s gift certificate, which you can use either in store, on the phone, or online. And since Penzey’s ships internationally (at a dear price, I’m sure), this is open to everyone. :)

To enter, just leave a comment on this post, and on November 1st, I’ll pick a winner randomly. One entry per person, please. Once again, thank you so much. Your comments and support and emails have meant the world to me.

UPDATE: I had my husband use a random number generator, and it picked Katie of Javagirlkt’s Cookin’ as the lucky winner of the Penzey’s gift certificate! Congratulations! And thank you, everyone, for your kind words.

29 thoughts on “2 Years and 350 Posts!

  1. Congrats! This could be the push I need to actually stop by Penzey’s!

  2. Congrats on two whole years! Way to go! I really enjoy your blog and check it regularly. :-)

  3. Congratulations on 2 years and 350 posts! I’ve only stumbled upon your blog in the last few months, but I love it!

  4. congrats! i just discovered you this past summer…..i am slowly reading the archives. i also just made my first trip to penzys this summer. i could smell the spices from the parking lot! i live in delaware ohio and love reading about all the local things you write about. again, congrats!

  5. Congrats on 2 years! I’ve only been blogging a little over a year but I can’t believe it’s even been that long, I’m sure it seems like only a short time ago that you started yours, how time flies!

  6. Ooohhh! Penzey’s. I really miss living near one. Mail-order is great but it’s not quite the same as smelling the herbs and spices and looking over the little recipe cards placed strategically nearby.

    I swear by their various cinnamons.

  7. Good job! Congratulations! I know what hard work it is. Please don’t enter me in the drawing, I just wanted to say congrats!

    And thanks for offering me a ride at the market. That was super cool of you guys.


  8. Congratulations! You’re one of my favorite discoveries of this year. I really enjoy your photos, your analysis, and your thoughtfulness–and of course I enjoy Penzey’s!

  9. Two years is a long time to be writing! Thanks for opening up the door to a lot of interesting food choices in Columbus!

  10. Happy Blog Birthday Becke!!

    Thanks for all your support at Breadchick.com in the past and looking forward to blogging with you for the next year. I always enjoy coming here and reading about the restaurants in Columbus. If business ever takes me to that part of the world, I know I can find a good place to eat.


  11. I was visiting you site to say thanks for the Refectory review. I was ditheirng over where my husband and I should go for our 2 year anniversary and your post just cinched it. We’ll be dining at The Refectory tomorrow night. Keep those restaurant reviews coming!

  12. 2 years, congratulations! Your blog is the very first foodie blog I ever came across, introducing me to the wonderful world of food blogging :) Keep up the wonderful work!

  13. 2 years, congratulations! Your blog is the very first foodie blog I ever came across, introducing me to the wonderful world of food blogging :) Keep up the great work!

  14. Whoops! I swear I wasn’t trying to cheat by posting twice ;) My computer was thinking for a long time so I hit X and then refresh. Sorry about that!

  15. Congratulations on your accomplishment. What a fantastic blog and a great reprensentation of the restaurants and culindary resources of Columbus. THANKS!

  16. Congrats and all that, I’m a regular stalker. But, dear god, please, no more hideous sparkling graphics.

  17. Congratulations and keep up with the good work! Your blog is really great!



  18. Happy Blogaversary! 350 posts in 2 years is a lot of commitment and a lot of fun stuff to read. Here’s to many more years of posting (for you) and reading (for me)!

  19. Stumbling upon your blog a few months ago was a turning point for me. I don’t really enjoy cooking but have found the need to cook more meals from scratch to stretch our budget. Your website has made me WANT to cook and I enjoy each and every new discovery. Yum!! Thanks and keep them coming.

  20. Congratulations, your blog was the first local one I have found, and I truly enjoy reading it!

  21. Congratulations, your blog was the first local one I found, and I truly enjoy reading it!

  22. Congratulations, I just discovered your website after linking from one food blog website to another. Your recipes sound so good and the pictures are great too! I’m getting hungry just looking at em, I’m fasting today, 4 more hours to go till sunset :)

  23. Long time lurker but first time poster! Discovered your blog last year– my first in Columbus– after getting so, so tired of on-campus food and desperately seeking a nice place to take my now-boyfriend. Your reviews have never led me astray, I absolutely adore your recipes, and think you and Lisa (and CMH Gourmand and any other number of CBus bloggers) are doing great things for Columbus and sustainability.

    Congrats on two years!

  24. Congrats and happy blog birthday! Your blog is comfort and inspiration to me as I long to live in Columbus. Right now we’re stuck in southwest Florida, and though the winters are dreamy, the summers are rough and we miss the beautiful seasons of the midwest. Here’s to many more blog years!

  25. Congratas! First time here and I will be checking back regularly.

  26. Congrats on your anniversary!

    As a Canadian who’s moving to Columbus, I live vicariously through your posts. Thanks to you, I’m more than adequately prepared for my new home’s culinary scene!

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