Farm Fresh and Local Produce 10/20/07

It was still dark out when I woke up at 7:30 to head to the market this morning. More than even summer or winter, I love these transitional seasons like spring and autumn. The temperature is comfortable, the scenery is beautiful, everything changes from day to day. However, I hate the lack of light when fall changes into winter. I get seasonal affective disorder in the winter. Let’s hope it’s a short one this year.

But I digress. About the markets… There is only one more week left now, after this. Next Saturday and then both Clintonville and Worthington are done for the year. I am heartened by the fact that the North Market still seems to have some life in it after the others close, and super happy about the fact that Worthington is having a winter farmer’s market in the senior center this year. But sad as I am to see the farmer’s markets gone for the year, I am sort of glad that I’ll get my Saturday mornings back. 🙂 And this time of the year, the scenery is pretty much the same same same anyway – as you’ll see by my pics this week, winter veggies aren’t very pretty.

I skipped out on the North Market this week, since the mushroom-monger is out of town this week, and headed straight to Clintonville, to get my requisite take of 2Silos eggs, plus a ton of short ribs (at $2 a pound, even!) at Flying J. and a huge stock up on meat at OMC Farms. But most of what I saw there was squash, squash, and more squash. And to save you from yet another picture of squash, here’s a picture of the dried corn that decorated the Wish Well Farms stand.


And of course there were apples – everywhere. Here’s some Golden Delicious, representative of the boxes and boxes of apples that nearly everyone had.


It was quickly off to Worthington, where it was populated a little more sparsely than usual, both on the vendor side and the customer side. No big deal for me, as the crowds during the summer combined with the heat make me feel a bit anxious anyway.

I saw some really pretty cauliflower, but didn’t get any because I sort of pre-planned this weeks meals, and probably wouldn’t have gotten around to using it.


And there were strawberries and raspberries (for probably the last time this year) at Crum’s, so I got both, which I plan to use in making some chocolate-chocolate chip waffles this morning. But one of the most unusual finds I saw at the market was these English Walnuts, which were grown locally. I still haven’t figured out what to use them for yet, but they may end up factoring into a local Thanksgiving meal.


Other than the squashes, not many bright colors today – almost everything color-wise is fading into that muddy brown-gray of winter, like these potatoes.


But these radishes lent a bit of bright red into an otherwise dull landscape.


I got a few other things at Worthington – a Toll House pie, some tomatillos, a bunch of lettuce, some blue potatoes, but overall a much lighter load than usual, since I still have much of last week’s stuff to use.

I had a weird moment in Thurn’s yesterday – I was there for my usual Saturday shopping trip, and overheard part of someone else’s conversation yesterday…Person 1 says to Person 2, “Where did you find out about this place?” and Person 2 answers “Columbus Foodie”. Total deer in the headlights moment, so I just kept my mouth shut..LOL.

I’m making a killer partially local but definitely seasonal dinner in honor of my husband’s birthday this week. For the first course, butternut squash soup with goat cheese crostini. For the second course, a cottage ham from Thurn’s which will be boiled until tender, and then glazed with apricot preserves and baked in the oven until done, served with a 3 potato (Russett, Orange Yams and Yellow Sweet Potatoes) gratin and maybe some green beans. For dessert, Brown Sugar Squash Pie. I hope he enjoys it.

Well, back to the grind. I can’t believe that next week will be the last post on farmer’s markets until Thanksgiving. Anyone planning on going to the winter market this year?

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 10/20/07

  1. Anne

    I plan to hit the winter markets! I can’t wait, as I’m somewhat in a panic about the season ending (I thought I had plenty of food put by, but now it doesn’t seem like very much!)

    Did you see the advert for the Clintonville thanksgiving harvest market? It’s on Nov. 17, 9:30 to 11:30, at the usual market place.

    Does the North Market farmer’s market have an end date, or do they continue it as long as vendors have produce? Couldn’t find any info on that on-line.

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