Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 10/27/07

Since I wasn’t feeling very well this morning, my husband made a solo trip to the farmers markets – considering there were just a couple of items I needed, we both figured that it would be more sensible for him to go alone and take pictures for me.

Today was the last day for Worthington (the winter market will start in 2 weeks, in the Senior Center) and Clintonville. He hit the North Market first, however, and hit the jackpot at Wayward Seed Farm for the chioggia squash I was looking for. They were offering a really nice selection of unusual/heirloom varieties of squash.


And he brought me back a picture of one of the last holdouts of summer – sunflowers. 🙂


He went to the other markets as well – since I didn’t go with him, I’m not sure which picture is from where.

I’ve grown sweet peppers before, but never hot peppers. So I do know that this is some type of pepper plant, but have no clue which. Either way, it makes for a really cool and unusual looking plant.


Does anyone else think that this jack-o-turnip is as cute as I think it is?


My husband brought this pretty centerpiece home to me as a way of making me feel better about not going today. Isn’t he a sweetie?


These are just advertised as “ornamental gourds” and a quick internet search doesn’t give me any more of a clue to what they are than when I started. But they are rather unusual looking, aren’t they? My husband thought they were underripe giagantic lychees, initially.


Did anyone else make today’s farmers market about stocking up on local food for the winter like we did? What is everyone planning for Thanksgiving?

5 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 10/27/07

  1. eatdrinkcolumbus

    the gourds look a lot like unripened rambutan. i’m not sure they grow well outside of tropical locales, though 😛

    the following website has a description and pictures: i’ve eaten rambutan before when i was in hong kong. they taste sort of like lychee and longans.

  2. DaviMack

    May I just tell you how envious I am of your local produce? We’ve recently moved to Scotland, and are committed to eating local / organic … so we don’t get much at all in the way of squash! Here, squash comes from Africa or Portugal! SO not local.


  3. Anne

    We looked at those peculiar spikey things – I think they *might* be wild cucumber (Marah macrocarpus.) The farmer called them “pricklies” or something like that.

    We went a little nuts at the markets this week. My favorite buys were rouge vif d’etampes and musque de Provence pumpkins. I love the marina de chioggia ones, especially grilled with some olive oil and rosemary.

    My garage is full of squash, my freezer is pretty full of veggies and some pasture-raised beef and chicken, and I have a month or two worth of onions and potatoes. And more carrots than you can shake a stick at! Can’t wait to see what the winter market brings! We opted not to do a thanksgiving CSA, thinking it would be more fun (and affordable) to shop the special markets.

  4. Charise

    The last couple of weeks I’ve come home with more potatoes, onions, carrots, squash, and apples than I could possibly use in a week with the same idea of stocking up for the next month. It makes me sad when the farmer’s markets close for the year. I will be out of town most weekends of the Worthington winter market, too. 🙁

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