Gorgonzola Ravioli with Walnut-Brown Butter

For this edition of Presto Pasta Night, I decided to go the convenience route again – using store-bought ravioli as the base of Emeril’s recipe for Gorgonzola Ravioli with Walnut Brown Butter. I had picked up some gorgonzola ravioli a while ago at Trader Joe’s, but was perplexed what to top it with – gorgonzola […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 10/6/07

We woke this morning to unseasonably warm temperatures, to head out at 8:30 for an abbreviated trip to the North Market only. I just haven’t been cooking as much this month, and we figure we’d be able to get everything we need in once place. It was crowded, as today is their Harvest Festival and […]

August 2007 Roundup

Finally, the August roundup is done – it’s been harder to get these out every month, because I read everyone’s blogs using Bloglines, and have over 2,000 feeds coming in now. This means I look at upwards of 1,000 posts a day, usually. That kind of traffic can overwhelm you pretty quickly, and Bloglines still […]