Announcing HomeGrown Gourmet #3: Pies and Tarts!

As the winner of Round 2 of the HomeGrown Gourmet event for my butternut squash soup, I was given the honor of hosting this month’s event. And part of that honor means I get to pick the challenge food this round!

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First the rules:

Anyone can play!

A theme will be picked by the host. Participants will make a dish that follows the theme and that somehow represents their home region- town, state, area. Representation can feature a local ingredient, be a traditional dish from your area, or be a creative twist.

Participants will have 3-4 weeks (host discretion) to complete their recipes and post them to their blog (or email the pics and text), and notify the host. The host will then post the results and then let everyone know via email or message board the results are up! An explanation of your dish is required; it can be a story about the local custom or ingredient, how you came about eating/ making the recipe, or an explanation about how your creative dish fits the theme.

Fresh and local foods are encouraged!

When the round is done, the host will announce their favorite dish by updating their blog. Favorite is completely subjective to the host- no one expects the host to make and taste test all the dishes, it is just something that strikes the host’s fancy! The creator of the fave gets the honor of hosting the next round, if they so choose!

With the rules out of the way, here is the fun part – how to participate!

The theme for this round is…PIES AND TARTS!

For the Americans out there, November is the month for one of our favorite foodie holidays, Thanksgiving! And many of us already make a pie or tart to go with dinner. Your challenge this year is just to make it “local” (in one of the ways given above). For the non-Americans out there, I wanted to give a challenge that everyone could participate in, no matter if you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere or what you have to work with at the farmer’s markets. And remember, pies and tarts don’t have to be sweet – quiches and the like qualify as well.

To participate, please send an email to columbusfoodieATgmailDOTcom with “HomeGrown Gourmet 3” in the subject, with your name, blog name and URL, location, and permalink to your entry. Please attach a picture (I can resize if need be) of your dish to the email. Deadline for the event is Monday, November 26 Friday, November 30. I can’t wait to see all of your entries and pick a winner for the next round!

ETA: I’ve extended the deadline until the end of the month, so you have more time after the long weekend to get your entries in. 🙂

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  1. Erika

    Oooh, pies and tarts- that sounds like fun! A sweet pie is great for Thanksgiving, but a savory tart might be a better challenge! Great choice!

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