Apfelkuchen (Traditional German Apple Cake)

Author: swampkitty05  //  Category: Ethnic, Food Porn, Oma, Recipes

Well, you all remember when I made plum cake a few months ago, right? Well, the recipe also works for apple cake as well. And here is my interpretation of my grandmother’s apfelkuchen.


You use the same sweet dough as the plum cake, but line it with sliced apples instead, and sprinkle it with a crumb made out of melted butter, flour, sugar, and cinnamon. Bake it as you would the plum cake. Delicious. :)

13 Responses to “Apfelkuchen (Traditional German Apple Cake)”

  1. Ben Says:

    That sounds GOOD. We all can use more apples in our lives


  2. Shaun Says:

    Becke ~ I’m glad that you got around to making the apfelkuchen. It looks inviting in a different way to the pflaumenkuchen. I love its warm, honeyed coloring, and I bet the aroma was amazing as it baked. What variety of apples did you use?

  3. Puanani Says:

    How can I get the recipe to: Apfelkuchen (Traditional German Apple Cake).

  4. Faith Says:

    You can get the Apfelkuchen recipe here, and the struesel recipe is at the bottom of the page:


  5. ann bloom Says:

    no web site but would love the recipe for apfelkuchen ( apple cake) I used to make it years ago for the children ( one of their favourites)but have lost the recipe and can not access it on your columbus foodie site would be very grateful if you could oblige

  6. jamie Says:

    recipe pls

  7. leilei Says:

    your cake made me very very very hungry, i definely will try it this weekend

  8. LinK Says:

    I would appreciate a link to the original pflaumenkuchen so I can make the crust.

    Wonderful, wonderful website … you are so talented.

  9. columbusfoodie Says:

    Thank you for the compliment. :)

    Here is the link to my entry for the plum cake: http://www.columbusfoodie.com/2007/08/22/traditio

    And the link to the original recipe (w/ instructions on how to make the crust) is at http://www.food.com/recipe/traditional-german-plu

    Hope this helps!

  10. Alyssa Says:

    Just like German Grandmas!

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