The Ohio Five Meme

I saw this meme on another Ohio blog a while back, and am finally getting around to doing it.

1. You and your town: a marriage of love, convenience, or necessity?

I’d have to say it’s a marriage of love. I moved to Columbus from New Jersey the first time 12 years ago. It was my choice to move here, even though I had never visited before. I moved away, married my husband, and chose to come back because I missed it. Now it’s been another decade, and I’m still here. And my, how the city has grown in 10 years! Columbus has everything I’ve ever wanted (except warm weather year ’round and a beach). While I may occasionally visit other places, my heart will always be here.

2. A mysterious benefactor gives you $75, with the condition that you must do nothing productive. Where in town do you go, and what do you do?

Don’t know if it would cost $75, but I’d spend a complete day driving around Columbus taking pictures of anything that catches my eye. Columbus is such a photogenic city, but I rarely get the opportunity to take pics of anything but food. The $75 would pay for the gas, I suppose.

3. You are your town’s tour guide, on a tight schedule. What is the one place you show visitors?

Easy. The North Market. It’s pretty compact, so you can cover it in a short amount of time. It’s representative of everything good about this town – nice people, lots of ethnic diversity, local touches everywhere you look, and it has something for everyone.

4. The mysterious benefactor is back, this time with $500, three days off, and the condition that you must not leave the state. What’s your plan?

Three days – 3 big “C’s”. First day I’d head up to Cleveland, and go to the West Side Market, Gaelic Imports, and would finally go to Momocho to eat really interesting Mexican food. Second day I’d stick around Columbus, would have a picnic in one of the quiet spots in town, and invite all of my foodie friends. Third day? I’d head down to near Cincinnati, and spend whatever is left at Jungle Jim’s.

5. You’re an Ohioan. What about that makes you proudest? The flip side of pride is shame; go there too if you want.

Pride? Well, we do have a decent football team. And we have really good produce. Excellent cheese. For a big (compared to where I grew up) city, it’s fairly clean. Shame? People are kind of standoffish here, but I think they’re standoffish everywhere.

I’m tagging you other Ohio bloggers (you know who you are) for this meme; I’d love to see your answers!