Smoked Texas Beef Brisket and Mac and Cheese

I still haven’t felt much like cooking (or eating) lately, so here’s another one from the reserves. This is something I made a couple of months ago, right after I got my stovetop smoker. I used Emeril’s recipe for Beef Brisket, and it came out beautifully – falling apart tender and so very flavorful.


I served it with a side of mac and cheese, and drizzled a bit of barbecue sauce (leftover from my trip through Tennessee) on top of the brisket.

One thought on “Smoked Texas Beef Brisket and Mac and Cheese

  1. Burr

    I’m a Columbus foodie too, and I have to object to your brisket!! No smoke ring (the pink layer around the exterior of the meat that is a result of chemical reactions between the meat/fat and smoke)! You must have done something wrong (or just not smoked enough). Not to be over critical, but I have yet to find decent brisket in this town, and so I’m forced to make my own (which is time consuming, as you undoubtedly found out). If you have had decent actually-Texas-like brisket here, please let me know!!

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