Turkey Divine

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We were thoroughly sick of turkey after Thanksgiving, so it took us a couple of days to use up the leftovers. Eventually, I decided to make a dish that I modified from its original (the original uses breaded and fried boneless/skinless chicken breast or thighs instead of turkey at the bottom) that used all of the leftovers in one fell swoop. It’s tasty all on its own, or you can serve it with rice if you want to add a starch. It’s one of those dishes that are just as tasty cold as they are hot.


Turkey Divine

Leftover turkey, chopped into bite sized pieces
1 lb. frozen broccoli cuts or florets, thawed
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans cream of celery soup
1 scant cup mayonnaise
1 lb. shredded mozzarella cheese
1 tbsp. curry powder, or more to taste
1 stick butter, melted
Italian seasoned bread crumbs

In a large ungreased baking pan, place all of the turkey at the bottom in a single layer. Place the thawed broccoli in a layer on top of the turkey.

To make sauce mixture, in large bowl combine soups, mayonnaise, and mozzarella and season with curry powder to taste (use at least 1 tbsp, and go from there to your personal preference). Pour all sauce onto chicken and broccoli and smooth out. Mix together melted butter with enough breadcrumbs to soak up butter, and sprinkle on top of casserole. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour or until casserole is browned on top and bubbly. Allow to sit 15 minutes before serving.

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