Northstar Cafe Veggie Burger

I am so not a veggie burger person. I’m a meat eater through and through, and have never met faux meat anything that I’ve liked. I’ve taken bites of hubby’s BK Veggie Burgers in a pinch, but it’s just not the same, cap’n! Ditto pretty much anything based in soy, seitan, or any other protein replacement. I can dig vegetarian dishes if it’s beans and rice or something that would taste good on its own without meat, but throw in that protein replacement and it ruins it for me.

That all changed the day I met the Northstar Cafe veggie burger. There’s just *something* about it that makes it just as good, nay better, than any other burger I’ve ever had. It even sort of LOOKS like a real burger. I’m not sure what they put in there, all I could make out for sure were the color of beets and rice – which they then grill to impart that meaty flavor, and top with all the fixings (white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion) on a huge roll. It’s not cheap at $9.60, but if there is one thing this burger is, it’s filling. It’s served with a simple side salad, and is a great dinner for one if you’re hungry. If you’re not so hungry, come prepared to share. :)


This was my first trip to the Clintonville Northstar (I usually go to the Short North one for breakfast from time to time) – it’s nice and roomy, plenty of parking out back and bright and airy inside. One of these days I’m going to do a full review of their breakfast/lunch offerings, but in the meantime, even if you don’t normally like veggie burgers, hie thee down to Northstar to give theirs a try. Trust me when I say you won’t be sorry.

If you’d like to go: Northstar Cafe, 4241 N. High St, Beechwold, 614.784.2233 or 951 N. High St, Short North, 614.298.9999.

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12 thoughts on “Northstar Cafe Veggie Burger

  1. I’ve never had the veggie burger before…… The spicy chicken flatbread and black bean and sweet potato burritos are to die for.

  2. I second the recommendation, wholeheartedly. I’m basically a carnivore, especially when it comes to burgers, but Northstar’s veggie burger is better than, I’d say, 80% of the ground-beef burgers I’ve ever had. I have no idea how they make it taste so good.

  3. Every time I have guests in town, I bring them to Northstar and make them order the veggie burger. If they refuse (as many of them do) I order it myself, cut it in half, and tell them “I told you so” when they take their first bite. So far I have changed the “veggie burger” stigma for my dad, aunt (who is a total foodie) and at least 8 friends. My aunt was “flabbergasted,” and wishes she could come back sooner! Love Northstar!!

  4. I am one huge fan of the Northstar Cafe. I was first introduced by my aunt and immediately fell in love! Everything…i mean everything on the menu is delicious. The BEST Veggie burger EVER, and I am not exaggerating. Also, I am in love with the sweet basil burrito..if you haven’t tried it, you must!

  5. I live in Seattle and my daughter lives in Columbus. I never ever miss going to Northstar when in Columbus. I would do anything for the recipe for those fantastic vegie burgers. Anyone have it please share. I have gone so far as to order one and take it on the plane. They are the best!!!

  6. I had one of these burgers on Saturday! I'd love the recipe! They were amazing!

  7. I had their free veggie burger, offered on Earth Day, and WOW!!! I will be back for another meal with friends, family and coworkers on a regular basis!! Truly delicious, filling, healthy…..what more could you ask for?? My spouse is wary of "health food" but loved this burger! Thanks, North Star Cafe!!

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