Foodie Field Trip

I just got back from our day trip to Jungle Jim’s down near Cincinnati. If there’s any such thing as an amusement park for foodies, this would be it. It’s easily the size of a couple of Walmart Supercenters, with an international section alone that’s the size of our local grocery store. And whenever we […]

Five Cup Salad

With only days left until Thanksgiving, I’m finally starting to get a bit of my appetite back. I haven’t really had the desire to cook at all for about 2 weeks now, and haven’t been eating much of anything except 2 banh mi’s and a double Vietnamese coffee a day for that entire time. On […]


Update: Sher E Punjab is now closed, and now has been replaced by a Korean restaurant in its previous space. We just got back home with our takeout, and I just wanted to put a placeholder here (because of NaBloPoMo) before midnight, so that I could actually eat while the food is hot…back in a […]


As some of you may already know, I’m having a revision surgery for my gastric bypass in January, due to a bunch of issues from the original surgery, namely the lack of weight loss. The new surgery is a different type (a BPD, for those who are wondering), with a whole different set of dietary […]

The Ohio Five Meme

I saw this meme on another Ohio blog a while back, and am finally getting around to doing it. 1. You and your town: a marriage of love, convenience, or necessity? I’d have to say it’s a marriage of love. I moved to Columbus from New Jersey the first time 12 years ago. It was […]

Columbus Thanksgiving Options

I’ll be adding to this list as I come across new listings – most, if not all of these restaurants require you to make reservations, and I haven’t checked to see if reservations are still available. If you are an owner of a restaurant that is offering a special Thanksgiving menu, please send all pertinent […]

The First Meetup :)

I had a great time on Sunday at the first Columbus Food Lover’s meetup. It was so cool to spend a couple of hours hanging out with Brian and Lorence (and Boogie too!) Afterwards, we headed over to Jeni’s where I had this tasty trio (Butterscotch with Cocoa Nibs, Salty Caramel and Torrone). I’m throwing […]

Review:Cap City Fine Diner

Love him or hate him, there’s no arguing that Cameron Mitchell is a big name in the central Ohio restaurant scene. With 33 restaurants (rumored to go down to 11 soon since many are being sold to Ruth’s Chris), he has a place for every budget and every palate. One of our long time favorites […]

The Antithesis of a Local Thanksgiving

Last night my husband and I, wanting for Thanksgiving food but not for the work involved in making Thanksgiving food, decided on a lark to do a “dry run” of Thanksgiving, making it with as many convenience foods as possible and as little actual work as possible, at the lowest cost possible. Thus we give […]