2Silos 3rd Annual Holiday Wine Party

I really wish I had taken pictures…I had a FABULOUS time last night at Denise’s (of 2Silos fame) wine party last night. I feel honored that she invited us, and am so glad that she did. In addition to feasting on homemade cheese, delicious chicken paprikash (Denise, I *want* that recipe ), muscovy duck, lamb, […]

Cashew Brittle

For the most part, nothing I cooked on Christmas turned out right – I used a new au gratin potato recipe that sucked, the ham turned out dry, the turkey roll was cold by the time we ate – well, you get the idea. My family grinned and beared it and was gracious in calling […]

Columbus Foodie in a Nutshell

If you’ve come here by way of the Dispatch article, welcome! Have a seat and look around. I’m pretty casual, as you can see. As the article says, I’m a thirtysomething woman who likes to eat – what you see here is a reflection of what I eat. Whether it’s something I cook at home, […]

November 2007 Roundup

I apologize for the lack of posts this month – I’ve been really distracted with making arrangements for my upcoming trip, and food has really been the farthest thing from my mine. Eating this past week has been all about cleaning out the perishables before the end of the year. But there should be some […]

Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Due to a HUGE jump in airfare cost, I had to reschedule my surgery for earlier in January (I’ll be leaving January 2nd, and returning January 23rd), and the past week has been all about arranging […]

Menu for Hope 4

    I’m pleased to be able to participate in this year’s Menu for Hope fundraiser.So what is Menu for Hope? This description from the organization’s Facebook site explains it so much better than I could: “Just for $10, you can feed a hungry child (for over a month), and, if you’re in luck, Ferran […]

HomeGrown Gourmet #3: Roundup!

I had the honor this last month of hosting the food blogging event Homegrown Gourmet #3, with the themes of pies and tarts. I received 4 great entries, mostly using pumpkin. So without further delay, here’s the roundup: Blogger Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen in Ontario, Canada made a lovely Pumpkin Pie out of local pumpkins. […]

HomeGrown Gourmet #3: Apple Tart Normande

For this edition of Homegrown Gourmet, which I hosted this month, I decided to make an apple tart with mostly local ingredients. I sort of expected it to be a little more custardy on top, but it was delicious and buttery nonetheless. Stay tuned for the roundup of the event coming within the hour. Apple […]