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I had the honor this last month of hosting the food blogging event Homegrown Gourmet #3, with the themes of pies and tarts. I received 4 great entries, mostly using pumpkin. So without further delay, here’s the roundup:

Lisa's Kitchen's Pumpkin Pie

Blogger Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen in Ontario, Canada made a lovely Pumpkin Pie out of local pumpkins.


Sarah of What Smells So Good?, also in Ontario, Canada, contributed these tiny Canadian Decadence Tarts, which is a butter tart (kind of like a cross between sugar pie and pecan pie), which she filled with raisins. This recipe is characteristically Canadian.

Columbus Foodie's Apple Tart

I made an Apple Tart Normande with mostly local ingredients. It turned out very buttery and tasted great using local Ohio apples.


Gretchen of Canela & Comino in Lima, Peru made Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Pastry Crust using a Cooking Light recipe that she’s had for years. She also used fresh local pumpkin to make her pie.

And finally, the contribution that I chose as this round’s winner :::drum roll:::


Michelle of the blog Greedy Gourmet in the UK sent in this Creamy Leek Tart, which is her first attempt at a pie or tart! So simple, and looks delicious! As the winner, I challenge Michelle (should she choose to accept the honor) to pick the theme for the next round, host it and judge the results.

Thank you everyone for contributing these awesome dishes, and for adding to my collection of recipes I’ve got to try. 🙂

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