Scary Saturday and New Discoveries

I really tried to make it to the farmer’s market in Worthington on Saturday, I promise I did!
The problem is that we had a ton of errands to run on Saturday because our trip to Brazil was moved up 2 weeks – I had to go to the bank and get some forms notarized, go to the post office and get 4 money orders, go to the drugstore to get passport pics, go to the shipping store to FedEx Express out the tourist visa applications, and then I’d be able to do the foodie errands – I had planned on going to Thurn’s to get some sauerkraut, and then off to Worthington. On a normal Saturday, getting a 10am start, I would have been able to get all of these done no problem. But this was no normal Saturday. No sooner did we leave the house than it started snowing. Hard. My husband isn’t the greatest of drivers in good weather. Every time he hit the brakes, the antilock kicked on. Every time he hit the gas, we skidded. And it wasn’t just him. This was happening to EVERYBODY. The roads were beyond horrible. We were on Georgesville Rd. and a firetruck almost skidded into us. Scary.

So we had the pharmacy and the bank out of the way, I walked into the post office, and the line was snaking around the place. I knew that my husband wasn’t going to go for driving to another branch, and the form specified that it had to be a postal money order, reciept stub attached, thankyouverymuch or they wouldn’t process my visa, so I waited. And waited. And then waited some more. 40 minutes later, as I finally got to the person manning the counter, some jerkoff decided to start making threats against the postal employees and refused to leave when he was told to. So I ended up waiting some more. Eventually I got my money orders, and after sitting in the car for nearly an hour, my husband decided that he would attempt the trek across town to the shipping place, but only if we took Broad Street. By the time we made the 8 miles, nearly an hour later, Thurn’s was already closed. By the time we finished filling out all the forms we needed for the Brazilian consulate, it was almost 2pm. So of course, Worthington was out of the question.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a wasted trip from a foodie perspective. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very familiar with that part of town (Broad Street, just past Bexley, east of James Rd). My first discovery was the Broadmoor Market – we had passed by it, and I wanted to check it out – I’m a sucker for family run groceries that have been around 50+ years because you can find some real treasures in these places. This is no exception.


The second we walked in, we were smacked in the face with the smell of the most mouth-watering rotisserie chicken EVER. We couldn’t resist the call of the chicken, and decided to get one to share during lunch.


At $5.99 each, it’s certainly not the cheapest rotisserie chicken in Columbus, but it’s certainly the best tasting. They use WondeRoast methods and seasoning, and don’t ask me why, but unlike most rotisserie chicken I’ve had, the flavor isn’t just on the surface of the skin – it permeates through the meat down to the bone. Finger licking good, indeed. Broadmoor Market is worth a stop for the chicken alone.

But they have tons of other stuff too – cheap but really tasty sandwiches (the sausage sandwich with mozzarella is a steal at $1.99, and uses their terrific homemade Italian sausage), other hot foods, deli meats, and some of the most beautiful tenderloin I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t need any Saturday, but I’m definitely going back soon for both some tenderloin and ribeye steaks. They carry a large assortment of groceries, but the right side of the store is where it’s at. 🙂

In sort of the same shopping center is a Block’s Bagels – I’ve been looking for good bagels for a while, and while Panera is okay in a pinch, they aren’t NY style bagels by any strech of the imagination. These are. They have a plethora of flavors, and their own homemade spreads (the vanilla is excellent!), more combinations of sandwiches and salads than you can shake a stick at, and defintely the best bagels I’ve had since moving here from NJ (where one can easily get a proper NY-style bagel). I got some bagels to take home with me on Saturday, and this morning when I made this sandwich (chive onion-cream cheese, green lettuce, turkey, munster, bacon, vine tomato, and sun dried tomato spread on a garlic bagel), the bagel was still fresh as ever, and absolutely delicious.


I need to find more places like this, or at the very least, visit parts of town I’m not familiar with. I wonder how many other places like these Columbus has that I’m not even aware of?

If you’d like to go: Broadmoor Market, 3521 E. Broad St, Columbus, 614.231.2924; Block’s Bagels, 3415 E. Broad St, Columbus, 614.235.2551.

3 thoughts on “Scary Saturday and New Discoveries

  1. kim

    try broadmoors soups and pies! beyond yummy….they are among the rare few in the columbus area to have lemon crunch pies. their veggie soup is awesome with a hard roll and butter for lunch. as for blocks bagels they make an awesome grilled cheddar on challah with potato salad and a brownie for a quick working lunch! i just might have to visit both places during my xmas break…..have you ever been to daily bread in reynoldsburg? hills market in worthington?

  2. william

    Mmm…. Blocks is my favorite bagel in the world. The service may vary from good to non-existent, but the bagels are excellent. And the chicken salad is to die for.

    I also second kim’s nod to The Hills Market – I go there two to three times a week and love the place.

    And I’m with you on the weather Saturday, too. That was unpleasant stuff to be driving in. And I just had to go down Sawmill in it. Yeesh, what a mess.

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