Columbus Foodie in a Nutshell

If you’ve come here by way of the Dispatch article, welcome! Have a seat and look around.

I’m pretty casual, as you can see. 🙂 As the article says, I’m a thirtysomething woman who likes to eat – what you see here is a reflection of what I eat. Whether it’s something I cook at home, a new discovery of a local gem, or a really good restaurant, I’ll try anything once.

Current entries will appear here in the center. You can see my archives by clicking on the dates, or clicking on a subject to narrow down entries by categories.

As for the other sections of the blog:

The Central Ohio Restaurant Menus section has a constantly updated list of menus for various Columbus area restaurants. If you don’t see your favorite here and they have a web presence, let me know and I’ll add it!

In Eating Local I have a comprehensive listing of local farmer’s markets. Later, I’ll expand this section to show my favorite independent retailers and places to get local products.

The Food Blog Directory has a comprehensive listing of over 2,500 food blogs from all over the world. It is broken down by geographical area, which you can access directly by clicking on a continent.

The Ohio Food Event Calendar has a listing of current food-related events at both the local and state level.

The Recipe Index is a list of recipes that I’ve featured in my blog entries, for easy access.

All of the Restaurant Reviews I’ve done are also grouped together so you can access them more easily. I generally, on a good month, review 3 or 4 restaurants.

One recent development was the formation of a Meetup Group comprised of Columbus food bloggers and food lovers alike. The next meetup is January 6th at Little Dragon, so please feel free to join in!.

Further down the sidebar is a list of other Ohio bloggers and Columbus-centric links so you can find other blogs similar to mine. Once again, welcome – and I love your feedback. Send any comments or suggestions to me at columbusfoodieATgmailDOTcom.

4 thoughts on “Columbus Foodie in a Nutshell

  1. Jared R

    Thanks for checking out the giant waste of time that is my blog…and thanks for the parking tips at North Market. Your site is now linked on my Food and Drink bar on the right side of my page in recognition of your efforts to correct my merciless (and somewhat misguided) complaining.

    And it was hard for me to miss the Dispatch article since I work there…but it’s cool to be on the front page, right?

  2. Rosie


    Your eyes are so enchanting! I am glad the bruise didn’t show where I wacked you with the rolling pin. It was an accident! I swear!!!

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