Kissing the Ground

Well, I’ve clicked my heels three times (figuratively, of course), and I’m back in the grand ‘ole USA. It was a tough trip (with all the flight delays, other issues, and the joy of being randomly selected for secondary inspection by the TSA’s – how farking violating!), but I made it back in one piece […]

When All Else Fails…

As I’ve suffered through the worst of the last week, some words of wisdom from my Oma, tucked away years and years ago, echoed in my head. “There will come a time in your life, Rebecca, when you’ll try to eat and be unable to tolerate any food at all. When that time comes, the […]

Quick Admin Post

Just a quick administrative post to let you all know that I’m still alive (barely), and that I’ve been having a few complications in my recovery – they punctured my dura layer during the epidural part of my anesthesia so I’ve been having to suffer with migraine headaches so severe all week (this coming from […]

Brazilian Edition: TAM Airlines

Well, we made it to Curitiba, Brazil in one piece, and have been here for a few days now. We love the area and the people here, and would probably move here in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the language barrier. We’ve made a few foodie discoveries (which I’ll go into more detail in […]

Welcome to 2008!

Here it is the new year, and the next time you hear from me I should be coming to you from Brazil,¬†feasting on churrascaria, struggling to speak Brazilian Portugese, and resting up in preparation of the big day! I won’t be posting here as much as usual (since I’ll be recovering, and for the most […]