Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 1/26/08

I ventured out early and actually made it to the Worthington Winter Farmer’s Market this morning, my first one of the season. I haven’t been able to catch the other ones because of either the weather, or being busy or out of the area when they were going on.  

Now, while it was nice, from other people’s descriptions, I was expecting it to be a bit bigger. I think there were a dozen vendors, tops. Still better than nothing. 🙂 One of those vendors was Andelain Farms, the poultry farm owned by one of my husband’s coworkers. If you get a chance to try their chickens, do so. We’ve had one before and they’re especially flavorful. Ed’s wife said they’ll be at the next market as well.

We picked up a few things here and there. We gazed at the sweets at Mead Acres, but due to the recent surgery, it was the last thing that we either needed or wanted.

Sweets from Mead Acres

Ditto with these apples from HW Organic Farms, which looked oh so good but would make me feel oh so bad if I indulged in them right now.

Apples from HW Organic Farms

I did, though, pick up some spinach at HW Organic, which will be used in a dish later this week. Don’t these veggies look lovely? I can’t wait until spring.

Veggies from HW Organic Farms

Sweet Thing was there with her jams, unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m stocked to the gills at the moment with jam I made in the summer, so I passed on this as well.

Jams and Preserves from Sweet Thing

I didn’t get any more pics, but I did get a few other things – some pulled pork from Curly Tail, some cheese from Meadow Maid, and some eggs and an emu egg from 2Silos. I made dinner with the egg tonight, which I’ll be blogging about later.

Luckily, it wasn’t too crowded today, as I’ve heard it was previously. We made it in and out in a relatively short amount of time with no real pushy people to deal with, unlike what others experienced. Good thing, too – since I’m in that still protective healing mode, I’ve been putting a bit more personal space between me and others so they don’t accidentally bump into my midsection. All in all, it was a nice outing, and really made me feel connected to the area again by seeing some familiar faces. But I hope that the interest in the market this year will prompt more vendors to participate next year. FYI, the next market is 2 weeks from now on February 9th, from 10am to 2pm at the Griswold Senior Center on the northwest corner of Rte 23 (High St) and 161. See you there!

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