Taste and Create VI: Tart Reform

This month, I decided to participate in a novel food blogging event called Taste & Create, where one blogger is paired with another and has to recreate a dish that is featured in the partner’s blog – I was paired up with Tart Reform, and I’ll be honest – I couldn’t choose just one recipe!

The first recipe that caught my eye is a dish she calls “Mooch” – I have no idea why she calls it that, but it’s very reminiscent of something I used to make when I was young and on a major budget. I had almost forgot how good something this simple is. I liked the fact that it used turkey, it didn’t change the taste much, and is much healthier. My husband and I finished it all off before the night was done. This one will go into my rotation of recipes I make all the time.


In the mood for something sweet, the other recipe that caught my eye was The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever. Since I don’t like cakey chocolate chip cookies just like her, I figured this would be just the recipe for me – I was right. They came out crispy around the edges, and chewy in the middle – just the way I like them. Another keeper!


I had a blast with this event, and hope to participate again soon. 🙂 She made my Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake and it looks like she enjoyed it as much as I did.