A Great Lunch in 15 Minutes or Less

Just a quick post about today’s lunch – this past weekend, we went to Carfagna’s, and stocked up on a bunch of Italian meats and cheese from the deli – hot and sweet Calabrese Sopressata, Mortadella, Hot Cappicola, etc. I finally got around to making the sandwiches today, moreso as an afterthought rather than something that was pre-planned. When going through the fridge, I found some fresh mozzarella with a drop dead date of tomorrow, and a container of grape tomatoes that needed to be used, and this dish came together as a natural result of wanting nothing in the fridge to go to waste. I give you, my version of an Italian Meats Panini and Caprese Salad on the side.


The panini is simple to make – no real recipe. I just took two slices of deli Italian bread, slathered each one with pizza sauce, put two slices of provolone on each piece of bread, and a layer each of the meats mentioned above. Grill on the panini press until browned and cheese is melted.

The Caprese Salad came together quite nicely, actually. Just toss together a container of mozzarella (I cut it into smaller pieces) with a container of grape tomatoes (cut in half), drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, about a tablespoon or so of really good balsamic vinegar (I used my favorite Acetaia Malpighi Saporoso), some fresh basil sliced into ribbons, and enough Fleur de Sel (or other coarse sea salt) to taste. Toss together, and serve. Easy and delicious.

And for dessert?


An ice cold navel orange, cut into wedges. For all the bitching I do about winter and how cold it’s been here, I have to say, there are some things about winter (like citrus fruit) that I truly enjoy and wouldn’t want to miss out on. And as simple as this meal was, it was one of the most satisfying I’ve had in ages.