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La Casita is one of those places that I’ve been to tons of times, but have never really sat down and written a review of. It’s our regular “go to” place for Mexican in Columbus, with some unique dishes that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. So, wanting to make it official, I coaxed my mother and her boyfriend to join us for an evening of tasty Mexican food this past weekend.

Almost all Mexican restaurants in town provide you with gratis chips and salsa, but La Casita’s is among the best I’ve had. The chips are still warm out of the fryer, and the salsa is a perfect balance of sweet, tart, spicy and salty. It is so good that I order some extra “to go” to munch on at home later. At $3 for a large cup (and a bag of tortilla chips), it beats the pants off of anything you can buy in the grocery store.


Their drinks are extremely large – this pina colada ($5.50) was easily enough for 2 people to share. However, I would happily trade in some of the quantity for more quantity of rum – I couldn’t taste it at all in this drink.


For an entree, I went with my favorite – the fish tacos ($8.95 for three, or $2.95 each). Full of well-seasoned mild fish on corn tortillas, these are fantastic with a little lime juice squeezed on. I recommend asking for some avocado slices on the side, as these go from great to sublime with that addition. Served with the fish tacos is a “macho sauce”, which I’ve never tried but which my husband says is really spicy.


Rice and refried beans come with the fish tacos. These are typical Mexican restaurant fare, nothing spectacular but nothing bad – in the case of the fish tacos, they’re an afterthought – the density of the fish tacos filled me up, and I just picked at the rice and beans.


My husband, who also got the fish tacos, opted for the Mexican Potatoes as a side instead of the rice.


He also ordered the Tostada de Ceviche ($2.95), two scoops of of a citrusy white fish (which cooks in the lime juice) on top of a crisply fried corn tortilla. He scarfed it before I could get a picture, and liked well enough that he went back the next day to get it for lunch (unfortunately for him, they only serve it at dinner time).

We passed on dessert, but our dining companions shared an order of the Pastel des Tres Leches cake ($4.50). They both agreed that the quantity was huge enough to share, and that the creaminess and sweetness was both addictive and overwhelming. Again, no picture as it was eaten before I had the opportunity.

Now, about those unique dishes – they serve something called Birria ($7.95 for a large, or $5.25 for a small), which is a spicy Mexican beef stew. Typically served with corn tortillas, lime, onions, and cilantro, it’s something that we take home with us each time we go there, so that we can prepare it the next day and mix it with rice. Fan-friggin-tastic, and is a great lunch for two.


If you’re craving consistently good Mexican, great service, with a menu that strays from the usual, La Casita is the place for you. Keep in mind, though – it’s not a well kept secret; the place is consistently packed so you may want to call ahead.

If you’d like to go: La Casita, 1355 Bethel Road, Columbus (Northwest Side), 614.457.0823

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5 thoughts on “Review: La Casita

  1. Sophia

    My husband and I tried out this place last night, and I loved it! My husband liked it too, he got cheese enchaladas. I got the fish tacos, and they were excellent, I’m so happy to find some yummy fish tacos. They are delicious w/ the “macho sauce.” I thought the beans and rice were exceptional as well. My only concern is that I am a “vegetarian” when i eat out (if i’m not eating halal or kosher food) and I asked them if the rice, beans, and cheese enchaladas were vegetarian, and they said they were, but there is always that language barrier and i’m not 100% sure if they understand what i meant. . .

  2. Mickey

    This is the best Mexican restaurant in Columbus! The tortilla chips come out fresh and warm and the salsa is superb. We have to be careful not to over indulge on them so we can enjoy the main course, but we always eat way too much of the chips and salsa! My favorite dish is the carne asada with nopales and either refried beans or the mexican potatoes. My wife really enjoys the handmade guacamole, and I must confess that I "sample" some of that, too! The drinks are good, especially during happy hour. The staff is friendly and does eveything they can to make your meal a real pleasure. I went to Mexico two years ago and ate carne asada at a small local restaurant and watched the food hand prepared from scratch and it was excellent… just as it is at La Casita. If you haven't been here, try it… you won't be disappointed!

  3. columbusfoodie Post author

    They are, if it was the beans that you were concerned about. I was here a week or two ago, and asked them if their beans were made with lard (animal based), and they are not. Said that they had enough vegetarian customers that they made them vegetarian.

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