Eeek! A Mouse!

I have meant to work my way through the pantries for ages now, but now I’m at the point where some unwelcome visitors in the house have forced the issue.

We were searching the other day for matzo ball mix, and when we finally found the box, it was stuck to two others, with a mouse sized hole through all three and totally empty. Yikes, that’s one hungry mouse. Since then, we’ve been going through the pantry throwing away anything the mice got into (or got infiltrated with mice droppings/urine), and after only having gone through the bottom of each pantry, we’ve already had to throw away about 70 lbs. of food with about 3/4 of the pantry left to go through. Anything that is untouched/still usable but susceptible to mice (in boxes, bags, etc) are going in jumbo plastic bins for storage until the mice have been erradicated. All we’ve been able to determine so far is that one is Jewish (hence it’s love for kasha and matzo ball mix), one’s on South Beach (because it ate all my whole wheat pasta, and left the regular stuff alone), one has celiac disease (because it ate all of the gluten free pasta and bread mix), and one wants to go on vacation (because it has eaten all the tropical stuff like coconut and dried tropical fruit).

We still haven’t figured out how they got in (we have a fairly new house, only 3 years old), or where they’re currently hiding (let’s just say that as we’re going through the pantry we’re convinced we’re going to come across them sooner or later, and have our guard up), but hopefully with the aid of some mouse catching baits and traps, we can get rid of this problem, and fast. In the meantime, it’s a battle of speed and wits with me vs. the mice, and I’ve been very motivated to do a lot of cooking out of the pantry lately.

5 thoughts on “Eeek! A Mouse!

  1. isis

    Loved your story. Living in rural area in France I have two cats to help me keep my house mice free. The few mice that I ended up seeing were those caught outside and brought back in. But after repeated squeeking i.e. screeming from my side my cats got the message and don’t bring them in again.

    If you are not alergic – a cat might be a good option.

  2. Bear

    Actually, I’m with Isis, and the cat solution need not involve bloodshed. We had major mouse problems the first winter after we bought our first house, we got kittens in the summer, and next winter, we saw not a single mouse. The cats didn’t catch them, as far as we could tell: our best guess is that the mice got wind of the cats and figured there were easier meals to be had elsewhere.

  3. Alvin

    Hey. How would I get in contact with you? I’ve got an e-mail I’d like to send you in connection with, and other Columbus foodie blogs. Thanks.

  4. Marie

    Came here looking for apple pie cake but found out about mice. Living in the English country side as we do, this is a battle we fight every winter. Our mice are quite fond of dry pasta, especially spaghetti. Most annoying!!!

  5. Jennifer

    I had a PMS-ing Chinese nun mouse in my pantry once. It ate a Snicker’s bar and some dried bamboo leaves.

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