Blogging by Mail: Little Things

I’ve been a little asleep at the wheel when it came to this round of Blogging by Mail. I had meant to gather everything together a couple of weekends ago, but Mother Nature had different ideas and my plans got postponed. So when I receieved the package from Pam of Pam’s Pantry yesterday, it kicked my rear end into high gear, even though I had already started putting everything together. Unfortunately, one of the sad facts of Mondays in Columbus is that a lot of the stores I wanted to hit (most of the merchants in the North Market, Pistacia Vera) were closed. So, I finished gathering everything together today, and the package is going out in the mail tonight (woot! for 24 hour post offices at airports).

So what was I lucky enough to receive? I got spoiled by Pam, who hit a homerun on virtually every choice. 🙂 How did she know that I love chopped dates (for munching and cooking), granola, and mulled cider? I can’t wait to try the Nosewarmer Punch, and I’m planning on sneaking it in before spring hits.


She also sent me (along with a lovely letter and some of her recipes) some homemade cookies (yummy!), some chai (which I’m planning on making desserts with), some cruets for oil and vinegar, some tea, chocolate covered ginger, and horehound candy (which I haven’t tried yet, but am planning to soon). Thank you so much, Pam – I loved it all! And thank you, Stephanie – for doing as great a job hosting as you always do!


So, what is my person getting? Here’s an overview of what I put in the box. I wanted to give my person a taste of local flavors and some of my other favorite things or things I couldn’t do without, but mostly, this is Columbus in a box. Is it you that I’m sending to? I’ll leave a few hints along the way.


Since my person loves to bake, I sent them some of my favorite spices for baking from Penzey’s, along with a couple of my other favorites. Four kinds of cinnamon, 3 Madagascar vanilla beans, some powdered lemon peel, and star anise – along with a Penzey’s catalog and a copy of Penzey’s One magazine. In addition, I included a bottle of beef roasted seasoning (great with chuck roast) and granulated toasted onion. Penzey’s rules!


My favorite bakery for sweets in Columbus is Pistacia Vera, and in the box, I included some of my favorites – a box of macarons, a box of fruit gels, some orange blossom marshmallows, and some lavender shortbread. Since my person lives in a state that borders Ohio the continental US (update: oops, I was wrong – the state doesn’t border Ohio, but I got confused because there is a similarly named town in a state that DOES border Ohio – either way, the stuff will arrive in the same 2-3 day timeframe), the lovely people at Pistacia Vera assured me that these goodies would stay fresh for the couple days it will take to get there.


Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I love love love the North Market. I included a selection of stuff from there – a nine piece of my favorite truffles from Pure Imagination, some bourbon-infused hot sauce from CaJohns, my favorite salsa, Raspberry Salsa, from Jose Madrid Salsa, and since I know my person is a mother, I included four different kinds of popcorn from Pam’s Market Popcorn, which appeal to all ages. 🙂


And it didn’t fit in the previous picture, but I also included a few Buckeyes from Heil’s Deli. I’m not a big fan of Buckeyes myself (too sweet for me!), but nothing says Ohio like a Buckeye and I wasn’t up to making a whole batch of them.


Last but not least, I included a couple of other items. Since my person likes to spend a lot of time in her kitchen, I sent along a few kitchen gadgets I find indispensible – a salt cellar and a Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Paring Knife, the best paring knife ever! From Trader Joe’s, my favorite sea salt caramels. And from Schmidt’s, some espresso coffee beans and honey toffee chocolate.

So is it you that I’m sending to? You’ll find out in a few days. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Blogging by Mail: Little Things

  1. Stephanie

    Oh, wow…great packages, coming and going!

    I *love* Penzeys. Love love love them. And Buckeyes are a weakness for me. Ok, any pb and chocolate combo can do me in!

    Your partner will be thrilled.

  2. coco

    Oh my I love what you sent out! Your package is so thoughtful! I just received mine today and will blog about it as soon as I have my camera fixed. I’m so excited!

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