8 Step Kitchn Cure 2008 – Week 1 (Before)

OK, I have a major confession to make: my kitchen is a frickin’ mess. I’ve got a big problem with stockpiling food. I think it stems from being really poor (I had three jobs – 1 full time and 2 part time, all paying minimum wage at the time; if that’s not a good reason for going back to school and getting my GED and later on a bachelor’s degree, nothing is!) and not being able to afford to eat when I was first out on my own, and now that I have money to afford food, I overcompensate and buy way more than I can ever use. I am the person that hungry family members come to when they want to go shopping in my pantry. I’ve given away nearly all my pantry stores and restocked them more times than I can count. When we had to throw away nearly 100 lbs. of food last month after the mice came to visit, I didn’t blink an eye because I’ve given away that much (or more) to food pantries or family members in the past. What you see here is what’s left AFTER getting rid of what the mice ate – I haven’t restocked at all.

So knowing how pathetic I am in this area, and knowing that I really need to get things organized (I’m sure I still have spices that have been around since I got married in 1996), I signed up for Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen’s 8 Step Kitchn Cure 2008. I’m sure the assignments will take me a little longer to complete since I’m probably the worst of the bunch, but believe you me, I’m committed (or maybe should be, given the state of my kitchen!). It’s not going to be pretty, folks. But if you’re curious to see what Columbus Foodie’s kitchen looks like in the “before” state, click on over to Flickr. Make sure to hover over the pics to see my notes, and read the comments below each one. Wish me luck, this will probably take me all weekend to get through. If I’m lucky. And do nothing else but.

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