Heaven in a Hot Dog Bun

Call me a heretic, but I really, really hate White Castle. I used to be able to withstand their ratburgers if I was really, really drunk – because they actually tasted good back in the day when paired with cheap beer. But sober? No friggin’ way. Anyway. Back to White Castle. Years ago (must be at least 8-10 at this point), they used to have these killer coney dogs. I could eat them by the bag they were so damn good. Then, out of the blue, they stopped selling them. That was the day I stopped going to White Castle. Then I found this:


I told you guys about my discovery of Johnnie’s Tavern last weekend. I have seen heaven and her name is a Geni’s Chili Dog. Soft bun. Dirty water dog (yes, I know, but trust me – it works). Chili and onions. American cheese (yes, processed – again, trust me – it works). Together? :::swoon::: A bargain at $2 each, and only served on Wednesdays starting at 11am, and they rarely last through lunchtime (when they’re gone, they’re gone). I have found a replacement for my beloved White Castle coneys, and I’m already counting the minutes until next Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “Heaven in a Hot Dog Bun

  1. Ryan

    Wow, that chili dog looks delicious and enormous, and for $2! I have recently moved to the Columbus area and have greatly enjoyed your blog as I seek out the good eats in the area. Keep up the good work!

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