Review: Creole Kitchen

I tend to surround myself with people who love food as much as I do, and when one of my foodie friends makes a recommendation, I listen. I was told that I absolutely had to make it a priority to visit Creole Kitchen in Old Town East the King-Lincoln District (thanks, Walker, for pointing out […]

LOKO April 2008: Southwest Salad

One of the biggest holidays in April is Earth Day, and this month (every month, actually), the Lights Out, Knives Out challenge asks us to make a dish that uses as little electricity as possible. So a salad seemed like a natural choice. Since last night was all about Tex-Mex, southwestern flavors, what better starter […]

GYO #9: Jilly’s Taco Pasta Skillet

It’s sort of hard to participate in Grow Your Own, the blogging event that celebrates food we grow/raise ourselves when we’re at the time of year that stuff isn’t growing, and the growing season is just beginning. It’s about this time that we have to check our pantry stores, to find an ingredient that we […]

HHDD #19: Summer Berry Clafoutis

This edition of Hey Hey It’s Donna Day is hosted by Bron Marshall, whose food photography literally makes me drool. Talk about food porn, folks… but I digress. This is one event I was really looking forward to. The theme this month? Clafoutis. When I think of clafoutis, I think of the one I made […]

Creamed Tuna on Toast

Ben’s third Food for Plastic Challenge asks us to cook a dish that either we loved as a kid, or something that our kids love – considering we’re childless, it was time to put our thinking caps on for a trip down memory lane. My husband, moreso than me, has very distinct childhood food memories. […]

Daring Bakers: Cheesecake Pops

I’m seriously not wanting to flake on this month’s Daring Bakers challenge, so this is acting as a placeholder for the entry, which will be late for two reasons: first, I seriously have no fridge space or freezer space at the moment, and need to use a few things up to make a bit of […]

WCC #27: Mom’s Sticky Buns

Yes, two old recipes in one day. This one is for the Weekend Cookbook Challenge blogging event, and coincidentally, the theme this month was “Vintage Cookbooks” (where vintage = before 1980). Lucky for me, my mom recently handed down her well-used copy of that included her famous sticky bun recipe, the stuff the dreams of […]