LOKO April 2008: Southwest Salad

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One of the biggest holidays in April is Earth Day, and this month (every month, actually), the Lights Out, Knives Out challenge asks us to make a dish that uses as little electricity as possible. So a salad seemed like a natural choice. Since last night was all about Tex-Mex, southwestern flavors, what better starter than a Southwest Salad?


This was quite simple to make, required no electric or real work at all, and went quite well with the pasta dish. I used this recipe as a guide, but used ready made tortilla strips and spicy ranch dressing rather than making my own using regular ranch as a base. I’m looking forward to doing this one again in summer when I can get local tomatoes and corn.

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  1. OhioMom Says:

    I have bookmarked this one, in the summer when all the farmers markets are open we eat a lot of salads, this would be a main course for me :)

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