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Man, am I mixed up this month or what? I’ve got a binder system for keeping track of blogging events, but I misfiled this one under the 27th instead of the 24th, so I’m a few days late posting my entry for this month’s Taste and Create, where I was paired up with ejm of Blog from OUR Kitchen and asked to recreate one of the recipes from her blog.

There were so many different recipes to choose from (many of which I printed out and plan to make sometime in the future), but ultimately I decided on her recipe for Arroz con Pollo. I’m no stranger to this dish, as I’ve made and blogged about it already here and here, and I absolutely love the recipe for it that I came up with. But I’ll be the first to admit that mine is a bit on the greasy side. And I like it that way. But I also like the style of Arroz con Pollo that is drier, where the rice grains separate and it’s a bit more subtle. I’ve been searching for a recipe for it for quite a while, and when I saw this one, I wanted to give it a try.


First things first – I’ve got to say that this recipe is visually stunning. I love the colors of all the veggies and how they stand out against the yellow background of the rice. It’s pretty to look at, which is more than I can say for my recipe. But not one to leave well enough alone, I did make a couple of changes to her recipe – I used boneless skinless thighs instead of bone-in, I used Goya Annatto Lard in place of the olive oil/annatto seeds, and to season it, I added a touch of ground cloves (which is one of the things I love about my recipe) and some garlic powder. We skipped out on the garnishes this time, but may use them next time around. It tasted amazing, and my husband and I fought over the leftovers. This one is getting made again real soon.

I’ve left her original recipe intact below.

Arroz con Pollo (South American Version)
recipe courtesy ejm

Olive oil
1 Tbsp achiote seeds (optional for colouring)
3 chicken thighs, skinned and chopped into pieces (bone in)
1 medium onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 large red pepper, chopped
3 banana peppers, chopped
good shot of capers
1½ c. long grain rice
2¼ c. chicken broth
good shot olives (pimiento stuffed cocktail style)
1 bay leaf
Salt and pepper, to taste
frozen baby peas

Garnishes: fresh coriander (cilantro) and basil leaves, chopped
tostones (fried plantain)
baked sweet potato coins (optional)
pimientos (optional)

Put olive oil in small pan and add the achiote seeds (aka annatto, lipstick plant). Keep at medium heat until bubbles form, then remove from heat and let sit. Drain achiote seeds from oil (the oil should now be quite orange). Discard seeds. Place oil in large stockpot. Brown chicken pieces in hot oil (high) – this is done just to brown chicken NOT to cook it. Remove chicken from pot.

Add onions and garlic to pot. Saute until soft (watch that the garlic doesn’t burn).

Put peppers and capers in pot and stir to cover with oil. Add rice and swirl into the mixture. Let the rice cook about one minute.

Add chicken broth (stock recipe); make sure you scrape the pot. Put chicken pieces back in. Add olives and mix. Check for seasonings (NB: add salt and pepper at the end). Let the mixture cook on medium heat until the rice is done. Add peas just before serving. Garnish with cilantro, basil and tostones. Roasted sweet potatoes are good too if you can’t get plantain.

Stop over and check out her blog – I end up bookmarking something from it nearly every month, and I’m sure you will too.

3 thoughts on “Taste and Create: Blog from OUR Kitchen

  1. Elizabeth

    Mmm, good choice! And that’s really interesting that you decided to add cloves to your version of the recipe. I always put cloves when I make our chicken stock and if using commercial chicken stock, I always add cloves to it too. I should make a note of that in our recipe….

    And next time you make it, do add the fried plantain or oven-roasted sweet potato cubes. They are a really great addition in flavour and texture.

  2. Katie

    Wow this looks so good! So colorful and looks amazingly flavorful! My family would LOVE this! We are going to have to try it! Thanks!

  3. Sophia

    This kinda reminded me of the indian dish biryani when i made it. Unfortunately i accidentally put too much ground clove in it and that flavor ended up overpowering the dish.

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