WHB: Chive Blossom Vinegar

Weekend Herb Blogging (hosted this week at Wandering Chopsticks) is a food blogging event that I always intend on participating in, but usually never get around to doing. But when I bought those chive blossoms last weekend, I knew without fail that this was my week.

I was searching on the internet for a recipe to use those chive blossoms, and came across this recipe for chive blossom vinegar. So I tossed 30 chive blossoms in a pint jar, covered them with white vinegar, and now I’m going to let them steep in my pantry for 2-3 weeks.


Stay tuned to find out how the vinegar turns out.

10 thoughts on “WHB: Chive Blossom Vinegar

  1. Awesome city. I didn’t even know the blossoms on my chive were good for anything other than looking pretty. Thanks for filling me in, gotta go pick some chive flowers.

  2. How gorgeous that jar looks! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Thanks for the submission. FYI: I followed the link on Technorati, but I don’t think I got an email from you?

  3. I’ll be very curious about this. Do you think the vinegar will be lavender colored? I have chives, so I suppose I will have chive blossoms before the summer is over!

  4. Chive blossom vinegar in indeed lavender in color – and great tasting. Chive blossoms make a great addition to summer salads, scrambled eggs and soups. Just pull the blossom apart (avoid the papery “wings” – they taste like, well, paper), sprinkle on your salad or eggs or soups – and voila! chive blossom edible garnish.

  5. I've heard that when the vinegar turns lavender is when you know its ready.

  6. Hi-should the blossoms be fully opened, or still budlike? Thanks so much.

  7. great idea. i have read that you should not use metal container or lid with vinegar since the vinegar will react with the metal. try a bottle with a cork…

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