WBB #23: Sublime Scrambled Eggs

The theme for this edition of “Weekend Breakfast Blogging is Express Breakfasts – i.e. delicious breakfasts that take 15 minutes or less to make. I was turned on to this method of cooking eggs by Bear, and since trying it this way, can think of no better way to do it. I added a little […]

Getting My Grill On

After the storms blew through yesterday afternoon, it turned into one of those perfect days, with bright blue skies and just the right amount of breeze to complement the perfect 70 degree temperature. And it is one of those days that my new outdoor kitchen becomes an extension of my house, and I move all […]

One Local Summer 2008 – Week 4

For this week’s edition of One Local Summer, I made a recipe I’ve blogged about before, using as many local ingredients as possible. The chicken is from Speckled Hen Farms, the shiitake mushrooms from Toby Run, the onions from Two Crows Farms, the sour cream from Smith Dairy, the butter is Ohio Amish roll butter, […]

Mmm…Canada: Poutine

I don’t think there’s any other dish that’s as quintessentially Canadian as poutine, a comfort food dish that takes hot fries and tops them with fresh squeaky cheese curds and gravy. So when I found out about the Mmm…Canada blogging event, it was the first dish that popped into my mind to make. Now, I’ll […]

Barefoot Bloggers: Parmesan Chicken

Due to my power supply issues, unfortunately I’m a very belated Barefoot Blogger. Thankfully, that’s all resolved now. Thank you, everyone, for your patience. So, better late than never, here is my Parmesan Chicken: I admit, I strayed from the recipe a bit, because I wasn’t feeling the salad with a lemon vinaigrette (although I’m […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 6/28/08

Knowing that this weekend is ComFest, and the Pride parade, and that there’s a gaming convention going on as well, our goal this morning was to get to the North Market as early as possible, and get done as quickly as possible so we could avoid the crowds – our main priorities were to get our […]

Chive Blossom Vinegar – One Month Later

In case anyone was wondering how that chive blossom vinegar I started a month ago turned out, here’s your answer: I love love love the color, and the chive flavor has definitely infused itself into the vinegar – it’s very oniony. I’m not sure what to use this for yet, any suggestions? I’m wondering what […]

Damn Weather

It looks like the storm the other night caused a surge that wiped out the power supply on my PC. We’re still trying to get the technical issues worked out, so in the meantime I’m only able to access the site from my laptop. Will get caught up on posting hopefully by tomorrow when he’s […]

Pink Lemonade

Man, it is HOT today. 90 degrees and humid as hell. I nearly melted when I was outside earlier picking mulberries. So when I came inside, dripping with sweat, I wanted something to drink that wasn’t just water. I’m not a pop (soda for you East Coasters) kind of gal, it was far too early […]


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you all know how much I love the okonomiyaki at ZenCha. So much so that I’ve been going almost every weekend to get my fix. However, at $9.95 a pop, all that indulgence is adding up quickly, and I was almost going to end up […]