Review: Euro Cafe

Update: Euro Cafe is now closed.

After reading the Dispatch review of Euro Cafe, I got excited that there was another deli/cafe in town that would take the place of my beloved (but now gone) Krystyna’s, so I could get my pierogi/cabbage roll fix. Downtown is not an area of town I usually frequent, but seeing as I wanted to stop and check out the Pearl Alley Farmer’s Market, it seemed natural to stop in to Euro Cafe, which is a mere block away.

I really had high hopes for the place. After all, how difficult is it to screw up cabbage rolls and/or pierogi? While time consuming, neither dish is really difficult to prepare. I hoped for the best and ordered both.

I really, really wish I had left my illusions of good Polish cuisine in place. Point is, I was really disappointed with both dishes.

The cabbage rolls ($5.95) tasted as if they came out of an On-Cor box, and were served with instant mashed potatoes. I don’t know about the rest of you, but instant mashed potatoes in a restaurant are an absolute dealbreaker for me. I’m not even that lazy at home. Worse yet, they didn’t even try to jazz them up at all with butter/cream/seasoning, so it was obvious from the first bite that they were powdered potatoes.


The pierogies ($5.95), while slightly more edible, were still pretty bad – doughy, more of that fake potato taste, barely sauteed and then tossed with raw onions. Blech. I ended up eating half and giving the rest to my tablemates.


I can’t speak to anything else on the menu, but as far as the stuff that’s supposed to set them apart from the pack (the “authentic” Polish cuisine)? Don’t bother – I can make better at home with a box of Mrs. T’s. I know for sure that I won’t be going back.

If you’d like to go: Euro Cafe, 49 N. High St, Columbus (Downtown, just north of Broad St), 614.221.8311

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4 thoughts on “Review: Euro Cafe

  1. Josh

    Have you tried the pierogies over at Barley’s Brewpub? Sadly they don’t have too much other in the way of Polish food, but I thoroughly enjoyed their pierogi & sausage platter.

  2. Anne

    Krystyna’s is gone?!?!?! Did it not re-open after his health problems last summer?

    I get my pierogi at St. John’s Chrysostom on Cleveland Avenue (between 270 and 161.) They sell them (plus cabbage rolls, angel wings, and sometimes poppy seed rolls) on the first Friday of the month from 4 PM until they’re gone. They are pretty good, plus they have prune pierogi (despite being raised on Polish food they were the only ones I’d eat as a kid.)

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