Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 6/21/08

Happy solstice, everyone! For better or worse, summer is finally here. 🙂 Up at the crack of dawn again, and we made our way out to the North Market before 8am. It looks like strawberries are winding down (last week they’ll be available until fall from what I understand), and today I found these lovely raspberries at Rhoads – I got a couple of pints for salad and also to go into the lovely mixed berry cobbler I’ll be working on later today for Tuesdays with Dorie.


Since I didn’t go to the farmers markets last weekend, I was pretty much cleaned out of everything, so after getting raspberries, my first stop was at Toby Run to get my requisite pound of shiitakes. I’ve become quite the shiitake piggy lately, wanting that earthy flavor in nearly every meal. It was pure torture this past week trying to live shiitake-free (supermarket shiitakes just don’t cut it, they’re anything but fresh). And something else interesting I saw today but didn’t get were these garlic scapes from Toad Hill. Interesting in concept, but found that the last time I got them, I couldn’t find much to do with them other than making some really strong pesto.

I’ll be making a salad later with some lettuce mix I picked up at Bridgman Farms – no pic of the lettuce quite yet, but look at the varieties of lettuce in this mix! Wow, I haven’t even heard of some of these. Should be extremely tasty.

13 Lettuce Mix

In addition to the above mentioned stuff, I picked up some red leaf lettuce (to use later on burgers) from Toad Hill, some grape tomatoes from Wish Well Farms, and some pea shoots from Elizabeth Telling Farms.

We had a bit of a delay in leaving the North Market (Paul needed to pick a few things up), so by the time we finally made it to Worthington at 8:50ish, the parking situation was already impossible. Paul dropped me off and circled around for nearly a half an hour before finding a space (and by that time I was already done). I think (I hope!) it’s because of the Art Sale they had going on this weekend, I’d hate to think that this will be a weekly issue. Especially since some of my favorite farmers are at the Worthington Market.

The first thing I did was pick up a couple of quarts of the last strawberries from Crum’s. They looked good for the last of the harvest, and unlike most people, I’m not quite strawberried out yet. And root veggies are starting to make an appearance – like kohlrabi (which I didn’t get because I just harvested some from my garden) and these beets:


I can always measure the appearance of summer by the sighting of the first green onions at Two Crows. Today was no exception.

Green Onions

Next week there will be sour cherries. I’m so looking forward to it, I’ve got quite a few plans for preserving cherries this year. I picked up some more cheese curds from Blue Jacket Cheese, and then I had to hunt down Paul so we could make our way to the Clintonville market.

Clintonville was hoppin’ today, with some pretty long lines for I’m not sure what (never did make it down that far). Lots of strawberries to be had at Clintonville, and the first appearance of my beloved Snowville Creamery, where I bought some cream for processing later on (let’s just say that I’ve been inspired by Lisa to try my hand at making my own butter from cream. Some of those delicious fry pies from 2Silos, and then some baby turnips and English peas from Wayward Seed Farms.

English Peas

Why is it that something as simple as my weekend trips to the farmers markets bring me such great joy? I think Saturday mornings are the happiest I am all week, even more so than when I actually cook with what I got. Go figure.

After all that shopping, we got our okonomyaki fix on at ZenCha, and now we’re contemplating whether or not we’re going to grill tonight.

So what did you get at the farmers markets today?

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  1. Bear

    A slow week for us at the market, but we picked up some scapes too. Try grilling them up with a bit of oil — Colleen’s idea. They’re really quite good that way!

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