One Local Summer 2008 – Week 3


Ah, another weekend, another edition of One Local Summer. This week was tough for me on an eating local level – since I missed the farmer’s markets last week, I didn’t really have many local veggies to work with, so I made do with some locally produced products along with some local meat I had frozen.

Ever since I’ve discovered that CaJohn’s has milder products that would appeal to non-chileheads like myself, I’ve been going nuts with John’s products, trying out his recipes and finding the ones I love. One of my new favorites is his chili recipe, which is easily (hands down) the best chili I’ve had in my life. Chunky, full of flavor, and is great all by its lonesome or served over rice. Even so, although most of the components (ground beef from OMC Farms, CaJohn’s Chili Seasoning, CaJohn’s Picante Sauce) are local, the garnishes and the beans in the chili are not. Unfortunately, it’s the closest thing I came to an all-local meal this week. You too can try this chili, even if you don’t live in Columbus or anywhere near the North Market, just visit his web site for more information about ordering what you need to make it.

Cajohn's CaBoom! Chili

Here’s the recipe, straight from his site:

CaBoom! Chili
International Fiery Food Challenge
1st Place Chile con Carne
2005 Gatlinburg, TN Winterfest Chili Cook-Off Champ

Brown & drain desired amount of meat For each pound of meat Stir in 3 Tablespoons of CaBoom! Chili Fixins’ and 1 cup of water. Mix well and simmer for 5 minutes. Add 1 jar of CaBoom! Picante Sauce for each pound of meat. The hotter the salsa, the hotter the chili! Simmer for 10 minutes and Enjoy!

Note: Texas Style chili has no beans, but if you like beans, add 1 small can of beans for each pound of meat prepared.

3 thoughts on “One Local Summer 2008 – Week 3

  1. Sue (coffeepot)

    I have heard that it was a sin to add beans to a true Texas chili.

    I suppose I am a sinner since I always want beans in mine. Yours looks good even without the beans.

  2. holly may

    mmm i love and miss CaJohn’s! many a winter’s meal was a crock pot of ground turkey, caboom seasoning, and a jar of whatever flavours i felt in the mood for cajohn’s salsa.

    by far the best salsas i’ve ever had

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