Homegrown Gourmet #9: Chef’s Pasta Salad

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Homegrown Gourmet is a food blogging event that highlights local products and cuisine – the point is to interpret the theme in the most local way possible.

This month’s theme is pasta, and I took it to a whole other level by combining the best parts of a pasta salad and a chef’s salad by making a chef’s pasta salad using mostly local ingredients.

Chef's Pasta Salad

Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that I tossed together and adjusted by taste, so there’s no real recipe, so to speak. I will, however, give you the general gist of what I did, so you can try to replicate it yourself if so inclined.

But first, let me just highlight the local ingredients that went into this dish – grape tomatoes from Wish Well Farms, fresh mozzarella from Blue Jacket Cheese, pasta from Mrs. Miller’s, eggs from 2Silos, buttermilk from Smith Dairy, and lettuce mix from Bridgman Farms.

Most of it is prep work – before you start, quarter some grape tomatoes, dice up some fresh mozzarella and aged gouda, slice up some deli turkey, hard boil and quarter a few eggs, cook pasta to al dente, and prep up some Penzey’s Buttermilk Dressing according to directions on the jar. To assemble, toss all of the ingredients together with lettuce mix except dressing, and then add enough dressing to dress lightly but not drown the salad. Add Mild & Creamy Grey Poupon to taste and serve immediately (it doesn’t store well once it is dressed).

So refreshing on a hot summer night!