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I’m really getting my Taste & Create entry in at the last minute, because tonight has truly been a comedy of errors. My partner for this round was Laura of The Spiced Life – I was extremely delayed in getting this done because I changed my mind about what I wanted to make about 5 times, finally settling on the Summer Blueberry Crumble Bars when I realized I didn’t have quite enough time left to pull off the multiple step lemon cake. đŸ™‚

Summer Blueberry Crumble Bars

So, since I had the big dinner I had to prepare for Whisk Wednesdays (check back tomorrow to see what happens when we try to make Bernaise Sauce), I delegated and left it up to hubs to make dessert. Bad idea. I should have had him make the Bearnaise (since he is the king of sauces). Because he just up and forgot one of the most important ingredients in the crumble – the oats! After having a mini-meltdown, I decided to let it bake and see how it would come out – it’s not like I have enough ingredients left on hand to give it a second try, and the clock was tick tick ticking away.

So, my judgment of the dish isn’t accurate – it’s missing an integral component that I’m sure makes a huge difference in the final result (both with taste and texture). Having said that, I’m sure if I made it correctly it would be delicious – with the caveat that next time around, I’d cut down on the cinnamon – it was a little cloying (but then again, the oats may have tempered that as well). Also, I didn’t have quite enough blueberries so I went outside to the mulberry bush and used about a cup of them to the 2 cups of blueberries.

I still want to try her lemon cake one of these days. The pic on that entry is droolworthy. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy what’s left of the bars (nay, let’s call it what my version is – a crumble) with some ice cream on top. I think it would be delicious in cheesecake ice cream. Check out her recipe, and don’t forget the oats!

2 thoughts on “Taste and Create: The Spiced Life

  1. Laura

    Haha–I did that with the blueberry buckle coffeecake I made recently, left out the oats.

    Actually I think I posted the recipe with about 1/2 the cinnamon called for–but the truth is I probably use about 1/4-1/5 because I am unsure of it myself, but I always seem to be in the minority. You either love cinnamon with blueberries or you don’t (I don’t).

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