Grill Lust Fulfilled

You know, it just occured to me I never wrote about whether not we got the ginormous grill that I was lusting after a few months ago. The short answer – why, yes – yes we did.

We’ve gone from this lovely charcoal number:

Old Grill - Sourpuss

to this beautiful monstrosity:

New Grill - Grill and Stove

It’s so damn big that it doesn’t fit into a single picture. Hell, it barely fits on our deck. Here’s a view of the stove and sink area:

New Grill - Stove and Sink

and another one of the fridge:

New Grill - Sink and Fridge

Gotta love Paul’s cheesy Price is Right poses. So what do we think of the beastie? Loves it. Loves it lots. Was worth every single penny. Having a sink and fridge there is invaluable. Being able cook on the stove while grilling? Awesome. My only complaint (if there is one) is that it’s hard on gas – we’ve gone through an entire canister on the grill already, but we have been grilling A LOT. And it did arrive dented, but with all the trouble we had getting it here (i.e. the $300+ shipping charge, plus the extra we had to pay for them to bring it around back), I wasn’t going to sweat the small stuff.

Still love my charcoal grill, but have been using the new grill almost exclusively. I’m trying to figure out how to use the smoker box right now. Stay tuned for lots of grilling recipes this summer.

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