Breakfast at the Creole Kitchen

If you remember my last trip to Creole Kitchen, you’ll recall that I said that one of these days I’d have to get there early enough to avail myself of breakfast (they stop making it at 10am). Well, it took a few months, but we skipped one of usual Saturday morning farmer’s markets so we could get there in time.

As you can see, they have quite the interesting breakfast selection. What I was really craving was beignets, but they had none this weekend. Chef Henry said that he’d be making some next weekend, though.

Breakfast Menu at the Creole Kitchen in Columbus, OH

Just an FYI – their prices are increasing in a couple of days, so this price list won’t be accurate after the 14th, I believe.

Still, even with the lack of beignets, I still found something to order that quite hit the spot for me – the Creole Eggs Benedict, which is two poached eggs and tasso ham, served a top one of the most tender biscuits I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat, and then topped with Bearnaise sauce (it seemed and tasted more like Hollandaise than Bearnaise to me, due to the lack of tarragon, but it was made a la minute and was flawlessly emulsified). You could choose grits or home fries as a side, I went with home fries – these were good but not great as they had been made earlier in the morning and had been sitting around for a while.

Creole Eggs Benedict

My husband went with the Mushroom Omelette, which while chock full of mushrooms, was a bit underseasoned and on the dry side. He chose cheese grits, which were little mounds of buttery cheesy evil – tasty but definite gut bombs.

Mushroom Omelet and Cheese Grits

The place is definitely popular for breakfast – with all of the orders in front of us, we waited a good half hour for our food, but it was definitely worth the wait and definitely worth hitting on another morning.

If you’d like to go: Creole Kitchen, 1052 Mt. Vernon Plaza (corner of 20th & Mt. Vernon), Columbus, 614.372.3333.

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  1. Joelen

    This is a great post as I’m tentatively planning a Creole & Cajun dinner next month… and this post is making me consider breakfast for dinner!

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