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Update: bonoTOGO is closed, to be relocated at an as-of-yet unknown locale in the future. In the meantime, enjoy Bono pizza when Bill takes his mobile pizza oven to events all around Columbus. More information as it becomes available.

bonoTOGO is a little startup pizza joint that occupies the Eleni Christina bakery space on Russell in the Short North after hours, and the buzz has been really strong since it opened not too long ago. After listening to people on Columbus Underground rave about this place for weeks, we finally got around to ordering takeout from there the other night.

First things first. Can we just say that they have the best customer service EVER? You guys already know how I feel about trying to find parking downtown/in the urban areas, especially on weekends, because of all the meter bagging they do for valet parking. They eliminated that problem for us completely, as we just let them know what time we’d be there to pick up the pizza, and they just brought it out the car for us. Too cool!

Since they have a deal for 3 pies for $20 (they are usually $8 each), naturally, we went for the 3 pie deal. One each and one to share, although that theory ended up going out the window as soon as we dug in. So what did we get and what did we think?

First up – our shared choice – the Bianca (#18). Loved the crust on this one, and the flavors meld together beautifully. Just the right amount of gorgonzola. We both enjoyed this one very, very much. Paul bogarted all of the leftovers, so I only got like 2 pieces of this.

BonoTOGO Bianca Pizza

Next, was my choice – the Capricossa (#15). I figured that this would be an interesting choice – I’ve never had pizza with hard boiled eggs on it before. Liked it, but not a big olive fan so it got a bit cloying. While good, it was the least favorite (among both of us) of the three pizzas we ordered.

BonoTOGO Capricossa Pizza

Third pizza was Paul’s choice, the Cippolini (#13). We opted to add garlic to it, which brought a great pizza up to the level of mindblowingly awesome. Love the sweetness of this one. My favorite, Paul’s second favorite. This is one I’d order regularly.

BonoTOGO Cippolini Onion Pizza

I think I’m in love. This is the kind of pizza I like to make myself here at home, just done better – quality ingredients, with a lot of love put into the preparation. I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other pizzas (maybe a meat one next time, and the Hulk and the Funghi have my name on them). BonoTOGO gets a big thumbs up from us.

If you’d like to go: bonoTOGO, Russell Street (just west of High St, in the Eleni Christina bakery space), Short North, 614.906.8646; Wed-Sun 5p-midnight

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7 thoughts on “Review: bonoTOGO

  1. Heather

    Love this pizza! Totally correct about the service. They are so fabulous. We too did the 3 for $20. Loved the Hawaiian and a do-it-yourselfer, but the surprise fave was the San Giorgio! Never thought pepperoni and sausage could be so perfect! Also perfect location for Comfest dinner.

  2. Walker Evans

    I still haven’t dined in yet to get the full experience. I think that’s why people really love this place. The pizza isn’t bad to go, but you miss out on the unique experience of staying there.

  3. yunike

    Hi… I never know that there is a pizza rest around short north area. Thanks for your review! I’ll pay a visit sometimes soon.

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